5 biggest improvements Tethr made in 2022

Sara Yonker

December 26, 2022

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The AI evolution hasn't slowed down. The industry evolves faster than most. Here’s a look at some of the innovations Tethr launched in 2022:

Free trial of conversation intelligence 

We talk to a lot of prospective customers about how much information Tethr can extract from their customer conversations. But often, we need to see to believe. That’s one reason we launched the Tethr trial. 

We believe customers prefer hands-on experience over sales demos. 

Tethr’s trial allows customers to take a self-guided tour of Tethr’s platform. Our ready-made dashboards are populated with sample data. If users want to see analytics from their own call recordings, they can upload up to 1,000 calls for free and see what Tethr analyzes in each call. 

We used AI to find the reasons for long calls - and show how some behaviors costs you 

How long your agents spend talking to a customer has a direct cost associated with it. But we knew that some customers wanted to know why certain calls took longer than others - and if those were behaviors they wanted to encourage or discourage.

 We developed a new feature, Root Cause AI, that implements machine learning to identify how specific call events or agent behaviors influence how long a call lasts (AHT). 

This information can show you preventable, undesirable behaviors. Then you can make changes to your coaching programs and identify what issues can be self-serviced on other channels. 

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AutoLearn eliminates the need for manually programming categories

Tethr, unlike many conversation intelligence platforms, automatically recognizes key moments in your conversation that happen across all industries. For example, we’ve already programmed Tethr to recognize customer frustration, price concerns, and more. But our newest development in machine learning made it easier than ever before for our users to use Tethr to recognize industry or company terms. 

AutoLearn leverages AI-powered learning to make the process of creating new categories simple and fast. If you want Tethr to recognize all of your product names, it only takes a few minutes. 

With AutoLearn, you get:

  • Incredible acceleration in building structured insights
  • No more manual programming
  • Significantly reduced time in training
  • Build new categories with incredible accuracy and ease

Inbox Insights sends dashboard updates via email 

We recently launched a new capability called Inbox Insights. This allows our users to create reports that provide updated daily, weekly, or monthly metrics, and automatically send them via email to your managers, executives, and team. This way,  everyone stays aware of your customer metrics. 

This feature is perfect for those in your company who don’t log in to Tethr regularly, but want to keep track of your overall performance or gain insight into what your customers say.

See data in new ways with Quadrants + Scatter plots

Early on in 2022, we decided to add a product feature that we found useful when analyzing data. Two new types of graphs, quadrants and scatter plots, give leaders a way to analyze and measure multiple variables on multiple axes. 

It can give you an entirely new perspective on your data, helping you see how different variables relate to each other and how you can use those insights to drive game-changing action.

Want to take a tour of all that Tethr has to offer? Watch our demo video or schedule a call with our product experts. 

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