Turn your organization into a listening enterprise

Drive greater loyalty, revenue and operational efficiency by closing the gap between your customers’ expectations and their actual experiences.

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Easy answers to your most important customer experience and sales questions

  • Plug in and listen: The market’s easiest to use and most prescriptive AI-based conversation intelligence platform

  • Built for the citizen data scientist: Purpose-built for practitioners--there’s no need to hire data scientists or pay expensive professional services fees

  • Research-backed insights: Trained using more than a decade of service, sales and CX research--it’s like having the world’s leading experts listen to every call

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Introducing Tethr Essentials

Start listening today

Tethr Essentials offers an extremely fast, cost-effective and low-risk way for companies to get started on their listening journeys.

Focus on the metrics that move the needle

Tethr automatically detects sources of Customer Effort, loyalty indicators such as churn and perceptions of the commercial experience with your company’s reps and brand. Tethr Essentials makes it easy to put the insights to work.

Built for speed

Tethr comes with a pre-configured dashboard based on more than 100 research-backed insight categories and a host of other powerful features, right out of the box. With the Tethr Essentials offer, you can start seeing value from Tethr on day 1.

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Solutions for every corner of the enterprise

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