Stop wasting time with post-call surveys. Start listening to your customers instead.

Discover insights from every customer conversation with Tethr.

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Avoid the no-man’s land of unactionable data

Unlike traditional speech analytics tools, Tethr doesn't overwhelm you with data. Start at insights with the Tethr platform and focus on driving action right away. Because let's face it, you don't get paid to find problems, you get paid to fix them.

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Accelerate your customer listening with Tethr

Pre-built, research-backed insights

Tethr comes with hundreds of pre-built insight categories that are available as soon as you turn it on. Instantly surface the insights that matter to you.

Tethr Effort Index (TEI)

Stop relying on surveying your customers to ask them about the level of effort they experienced. With TEI, it’s like getting a 100% survey response rate with no bias and the literal voice of the customer.

Built for the everyday user

Tethr is the only customer listening solution on the market that allows practitioners to create new, custom insight categories with the click of a button. No need to deploy expensive data scientists – Tethr is built for the citizen data scientist.

Easily combine CX and operational data

Tethr makes it incredibly easy to combine CX insights from conversational data with operational and outcome data in other systems, so you can understand what’s driving your business outcomes.

Turn every customer conversation into insights for the enterprise

Traditional speech analytics tools focus on contact center efficiency and monitoring individual agent behavior, resulting in locking your customer data up—making it difficult to share with other teams and systems. Tethr believes in liberating your voice data and unlocking the value of customer conversations across your entire organization.

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Customer Experience

Pinpoint the highest sources of customer frustration and effort with insights you can immediately act upon to improve your overall customer experience. Learn more

Sales and Marketing

Identify actionable opportunities for cross-sell/upsell, churn risk avoidance and save offers while optimizing selling strategies for increased revenue and marketing effectiveness. Learn more

Product and Services

Your customers tell you the things they love and struggle with regarding your products on a daily basis. Tethr unlocks product lifecycle and supplier specific insights with great precision. Learn more

Customer Care

Resolve customer issues faster, better coach your agents while decreasing call volumes—all resulting in happier, more loyal customers. Learn more

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