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There’s a goldmine of insights in your customer conversations:

Undiscovered churn risks, sales opportunities, and performance improvements.

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“The potential is just unreal. Tethr is such a mind-boggling solution.”
Customer Care Manager, MetTel

Reduction in churn risk


Increase in sales conversions


Reduction in repeat callers


Reduction in QA call monitoring time

What do you want to improve?

Customer frustration illustration

Customer Experience

Pinpoint the cause of customer friction and frustration, then make changes to improve your overall customer experience.

  • Track sentiment
  • Address churn
  • Reduce reliance on surveys
  • Invest in low effort interactions
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Contact Center

Resolve customer problems faster and improve agent performance while cutting call volumes and costs — resulting in happier, loyal customers.

  • Coachable insights
  • Less effort, more loyalty
  • First call resolution
  • Automate QA
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Identify real opportunities for cross-selling and upselling while replicating your selling strategies that close the most deals.

  • Focus your coaching strategy
  • Understand agent performance
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Pitch more effectively
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C​oncise answers to important questions.

TethrRx delivers unprecedented, prescriptive insights into your customer experience, sales conversion and agent performance out of the box. From the C-suite to the front line, act on insights from your customer conversations with a single glance.

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Data-driven action. No digging required.

Analyze, score, and benchmark every conversation against the performance of other companies and millions of interactions – enabling you to focus on the highest opportunities for improvement.

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Automate actions follow up with easy integrations.

Save time and streamline your workflows. Insights from customer conversations can trigger automation the CRM, CFM, case management – the platforms your teams use every day.

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Research-backed strategies to improve CX.

Insights you can trust – based on over a decade of research on what creates customer loyalty and disloyalty, what drives sales conversion, customer churn, agent performance, and more

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Data alone won’t solve your problems.

Leverage our industry defining research in customer service and sales. With TethrRX, we provide action plans to improve the metrics that matter.

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