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Your agents and policyholders want easy, seamless service and access to quick help. AI-powered analysis can help you prioritize, streamline your processes and ensure every customer need gets met. Tethr's conversation intelligence platform shows you emerging customer service trends and helps you automate QA processes, track every communication point, and leverage AI technology to improve customer service.

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Does compliance take all your effort?

Quality assurance and compliance with regulations can take a tremendous amount of time, with little left over to do what your customers need. Tethr’s AI-powered conversation analysis can automate your QA process, so you can monitor 100% of your conversations in a fraction of the time - leaving you to focus on what matters.

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Are your policyholders frustrated by claims, policies, and regulations?

Processing claims, changing policies, or understanding regulations can all become sources of customer frustration - and threaten customer loyalty. Tethr's conversational intelligence platform helps you identify problem areas, sources of effort, and frustration, so you can streamline your processes and ensure your team does what’s needed to resolve issues.

Want to stay ahead of new issues as they arise?

When you integrate Tethr with your existing voice, chat, and email support systems, you don’t have to wait on survey results or rely on anecdotal evidence to know what pain points your policyholders experience. You’ll identify new trends as they happen, so you can circumvent problems before it’s too late.

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Analyze 100% of your calls, automatically

How can insurance providers use AI powered analysis to improve customer experience?


Decrease contact center costs

Find opportunities to create and improve self-service tools, serve customers more efficiently, and identify drivers of preventable costs in your contact center and beyond.

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Improve agent coaching and accountability

Tethr’s analysis of your customer phone calls, emails, and chats gives you insight into your entire team’s performance. Create custom agent coaching plans and identify opportunities for team training, all working to improve agent performance.

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Prevent customers at-risk to churn

The fierce competition for insurance customers requires you to nurture your customer relationships. Tethr can pinpoint causes for customer churn and identify customers at-risk to leave. Then, you can intervene.

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Make your claims process effortless

Create a seamless customer experience that meets growing customer demands. Engage customers through digital channels and eliminate friction points.

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“It’s really really been an exceptionally valuable tool for us in how we continue to evolve our customer support and sales strategies.”

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Frequently asked questions

Why do insurance providers use conversation intelligence software?

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Insurance companies, no matter what types of insurance they provide, have to manage customer expectations, customer claims, and changing needs for coverage plans. Those complex demands require a powerful solution. When you need to evaluate your customer experience at scale, you can’t rely on anecdotal evidence or customer surveys with low participation to judge how well you serve your customers. We take the raw data from your conversations with customers, analyze it, and then show you actionable insights that will make a difference to your customers. We base our findings on decades of research into customer experience best practices and are able to give you immediate answers to questions like "What specific problems frustrate our customers?" “Which insurance products have more customer service problems?” "How well does my team respond to difficult situations?" "How many people does this issue affect?" and more.

What kind of customer interactions does Tethr analyze?

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You communicate with customers on the phone, on chat, or over email. Wherever those conversations happen, Tethr can analyze the content of those conversations at scale. Tethr integrates with your existing voice, chat, and case management platforms. Then, it uses AI and machine learning, to deliver valuable and actionable insights you can trust. Once you connect your existing communication systems with Tethr, you'll start seeing feedback on your customer experience immediately. Identify ways to improve your customer engagement, business operations, website access, and more - without relying on survey data from customers or fragmented anecdotal evidence.

How does Tethr improve insurance providers’ customer experiences?

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Companies want to be data-driven, but don’t always have the detailed metrics to analyze and understand their customer experience. The insurance industry is customer-centric, and needs to optimize the customer journey to create positive customer experiences. Tethr uses the unstructured data from all your customer interactions and provides you with an easy way to understand your weaknesses. You can use that information to make improvements your customers want. Tethr can help you find industry-specific information, too. For example, you may want to monitor weather-related home damage during seasonal periods or monitor spikes in requests for additional coverage. You can use Tethr to build dashboards that automatically scan your conversations for this information, making understanding and reporting on these trends easy. Tethr can also help you understand which processes are most difficult for your customers so you can improve them. Our prebuilt dashboards show you what issues customers contact customer support about, the key problems or recurring questions they had, and how well your team addresses their concerns.