Reduce operational costs in your contact center

Reduce operational costs in your contact center illustration

Better customer service doesn’t have to be more expensive

Use AI to quickly identify inefficiencies,  cut costs, and find solutions.

Cut down on wasted time by identifying opportunities to reduce repeat contacts, call lengths, transfers, hold times, and misdirections

Automate QA to reduce manual oversight while gaining visibility into 100% of your customer interactions

Use AI to improve self-service channels, so your agents spend time on what matters

Set cost-savings business goals and track agent implementation

Capture cost savings while optimizing your contact center

Tethr shows you exactly how to reduce contact center costs.

Want to reduce unnecessary calls, but don’t know how?

Analyze conversation trends so you can train your chatbot and improve other self-service channels.

Spotlight reasons for low case resolution and high repeat contacts, so you can improve processes and train agents.

Use AI to identify the preventable, negative behaviors that increase AHT and coach contact center agents to avoid them.

reduce unnecessary calls illustration
compliance and fraud issues illustration

At risk for compliance 
and fraud issues?

Conduct key QA tasks automatically while increasing your sample size to 100%.

Reduce QA time by 50-80%+ and focus your efforts on more 
valuable analysis.

Use AI to detect fraudulent chats so you can avoid compliance issues.

Want to make sure agents act in the best interest of the business?

Audit and reduce unnecessary service calls, account credits, 
and other costs.

See individual agent behaviors and measure team goals.

Track agent activity on customer cost-saving features such as paperless billing and adjust agent training.

agents act in the best interest of the business illustration

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Frequently asked questions

What is Tethr and how can it help reduce call center costs?

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Tethr is a cloud-based conversation intelligence platform that delivers AI-powered features that help businesses focus on the areas that have the biggest impact on their businesses: reducing costs, preventing churn, and increasing sales. In our platform, every call, chat, and conversation you have with customers is transcribed and analyzed with AI-powered tools.

How can using technologies like Tethr help cut costs?

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Tethr uses a combination of technologies including machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence to transcribe and analyze every conversation you have with customers. We've imagined a way where you can use all this data to make a major impact to your bottom line. When you start using Tethr, you will see specific metrics that help you focus on contact center costs,  including how to achieve faster resolutions, reduce repetitive tasks, reduce unnecessary calls, reduce misdirections, transfers, and repetitive customer interactions. We'll also enable you to meet customer demands for self-service options by analyzing conversations and understanding which issues could benefit from a self-service option. If a specific business activity can save costs, we'll help pinpoint that and measure how well agent.

Will customer service and customer experience suffer when we cut operational costs?

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The two goals aren't mutually exclusive. Both customers and agents want a fast interaction and quick resolution. To meet those customer expectations, customer service representatives need to solve problems quickly to create positive customer experiences. A technology like Tethr helps you create satisfied customers,  increase customer satisfaction rates, and elevate customer service quality while also providing a roadmap to more efficient contact centers.  Customers want interactions fast and effortless. By using Tethr's advanced customer analytics, you can optimize call center agents' performance, identify reasons for unnecessary calls and long calls and work with contact center leadership to make changes to improve metrics.

Does Tethr track other performance metrics, such as contact resolution rates and customer satisfaction?

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Tethr helps with contact center cost reduction strategies, but it is more than just that. It is a robust platform that allows you to monitor every part of your customer journey and customer experience, automate your quality analysis and call auditing processes. In addition, Tethr recognizes and tracks thousands of moments in conversations, from issue resolution and explicit customer satisfaction.

See how Tethr can help you save.