Make smarter customer experience decisions.

Tap into a powerful source of CX insights: your customer conversations. Tethr analyzes conversation data to uncover your biggest opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Find opportunities you can act on now.

Tethr’s dashboards make it easy to track the factors impacting your customer experience. Discover your biggest opportunities to improve CX and measure their ROI.

Monitor and address customers' top concerns

Spot churn risk & increase loyalty

Track the impact of agent behaviors

Benchmark against your industry

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See what your customers think–no surveys required.

Tethr’s predictive scoring models give you a 360-degree view of your customer interactions so you can make informed decisions about your service delivery, contact center operations, and the entire customer journey.


Get a predicted customer satisfaction score for every interaction. Hone in on the top factors impacting satisfaction so you can reduce dissatisfaction and increase loyalty.

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Tethr Effort Index (TEI)

Find the friction points in your customer journey. TEI scores each interaction on the predicted level of customer effort, letting you quickly pinpoint and address your biggest effort drivers.

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Sentiment analysis

Get agent and customer sentiment scores for every interaction, and see how specific behaviors and emotions impact overall sentiment. Tethr tracks over 28 distinct emotions, giving you deep sentiment insights to inform your CX.

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Act on your customers’ needs without straining company resources or waiting on data scientists.

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Keep a pulse on customer issues

Uncover the top reasons your customers are contacting you, what issues your agents are having trouble solving, what topics are driving repeat contacts, and more. Track trending customer issues in real time and take a proactive approach to resolving them.

Minimize customer churn risk

Our conversation intelligence platform identifies potential churn risks and causes. Use our churn dashboard to pinpoint the process, policy, and coaching improvements you can make to retain more customers.

Increase customer satisfaction

Learn what your customers really think using your conversation data sources. Find out what’s going well–and what isn’t–using Tethr’s CSATai and conversation intelligence capabilities. Prioritize the improvements with the biggest impact on satisfaction.

Deliver low-effort experiences

Research shows that customers with smooth experiences are 94% more likely to repurchase. Take your CX strategy further by identifying and addressing friction areas in your customer journey.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a customer experience analytics solution?

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Creating satisfied customers requires you to pay attention to hundreds of factors. Tethr’s CX analytics platform helps you know what to focus on between your customer retention, customer engagement, and customer feedback.

By implementing Tethr’s customer experience analytics tools, you can measure all your customer conversation data automatically, extracting valuable customer insights you can act on.

What kind of customer experience analytics will Tethr measure?

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Tethr provides you with the CX analytics you need to make better decisions, fuel business growth, and increase customer satisfaction.

This includes our CSATai model, which predicts a CSAT score for every interaction and the Tethr Effort Index, which gives a proxy for what your customer effort score would be without conducting after-call surveys.  We also provide ratings of your customer support agents’ performance during customer service interactions.

We also analyze customer behavior to track customer churn risk and customer loyalty, and identify friction points to improve customer satisfaction.

How does Tethr measure customer feedback?

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When Tethr starts analyzing your customer interactions, you won’t need to rely on post-interaction surveys to measure the entire customer journey.

Tethr analyzes all customer conversation data automatically, so you won’t be basing decisions on the pain points of just a few vocal customers.

Our platform collects conversation data and track customer behavior by integrating with the channels you already use, including voice, chat, and digital case management.

Then, Tethr uses AI and predictive analytics to give you valuable operational data and customer experience metrics. You use those to take actions that drive business outcomes and improve the full customer journey.

How does Tethr help me improve the customer experience?

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By using Tethr’s CX analytics platform, you’ll have actionable insights that help you focus on key performance indicators that lead to loyal customers, lower customer churn rate, and a more consistent customer experience.

Other CX analytics tools may measure details about your contact centers, but fail to prescribe actions that lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Tethr bases our CX analytics on more than a decade of industry-defining research into customer relationships, customer experience, and customer loyalty.

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