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Customers expect great service. Release the potential of trusted research, machine learning, and AI to analyze every customer connection. Build a CX strategy that earns lifelong customers.

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We’ve simplified customer experience analytics into a dashboard that gives you prompt analysis of CX data across your organization. In moments, see metrics that matter now.

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Reduce churn & increase loyalty

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Act on your customers’ needs without straining company resources or waiting on data scientists.

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Track sentiment

Three smiley faces not cutting it? Tethr analyzes all your data inside conversations to accurately score customer interactions – without requiring post-call surveys.

Minimize customer churn

Our customer experience analytics platform identifies potential churn risks for each customer interaction. Armed with this information, find what’s causing customer churn—and fix it.

Reduce reliance on surveys

Learn what your customers really think using your own data sources. Tethr scores 100% of your customer interactions—including survey and customer data—and provides you with a playbook for coaching your team to improve.

Invest in low effort interactions

Research shows that customers with smooth experiences are 94% more likely to repurchase. Take your CX strategy further by identifying and addressing friction areas in your customer journey.

“I’ve never used a Customer Care product that is as robust as Tethr, with as much pliability, recognition, and cross-departmental use. It’s such a good way to allow teaching moments and improvement”
Customer Care Manager, MetTel

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a customer experience analytics solution?

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Creating satisfied customers requires you to pay attention to hundreds of customer analytics. Tethr’s CX analytics tools help you know what to focus on between your customer retention, customer engagement, and customer feedback.

By implementing Tethr’s customer experience analytics tools, you can measure all the customer experience data automatically, extracting valuable customer insights you can act on.

What kind of customer experience analytics will Tethr measure?

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Tethr provides you with the CX analytics you need to make better decisions, fuel business growth, and increase customer satisfaction.

This includes a Tethr Effort Index score, which gives a proxy for what your customer effort score would be without conducting after-call surveys.  We also provide ratings of your customer support agents’ performance during customer service interactions.

We also analyze customer behavior to track customer churn risk and customer loyalty, and identify friction points to improve customer satisfaction.

How does Tethr measure customer feedback?

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When Tethr starts analyzing your customer interactions, you won’t need to rely on a Net Promoter Score (NPS) or customer feedback surveys to measure the entire customer journey.

You also analyze all the data automatically, so you won’t be basing decisions on the pain points of just a few current customers.

We collect customer data and track customer behavior by integrating with the channels you already use. We measure the customer experience at all customer touchpoints, including customer calls, chats, and digital case management.

Then, we use AI and predictive analytics to give you valuable operational data and customer experience metrics. You use those to take actions that drive business outcomes and improve the full customer journey.

How does Tethr help me improve the customer experience?

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By using Tethr’s CX analytics platform, you’ll have actionable insights that help you focus on key performance indicators that lead to loyal customers, lower customer churn rate, and a more consistent customer experience.

Other CX analytics tools may measure details about your contact centers, but fail to prescribe actions that lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Tethr bases our CX analytics on more than a decade of industry-defining research into customer relationships, customer experience, and customer loyalty.

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