Turn your sales cycle into a science.

Machine learning based on your own data delivers higher conversion rates, faster sales, and more repeat customers. Leverage decades of research to always say the right thing, at the right time.

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Improve your pitch with unparalleled conversion intelligence.

Know with absolute certainty exactly what agent behaviors drive conversions in sales calls.

Analyze every conversation

Discover your most effective pitches and promotions

View in-depth agent performance

Benchmark against industry leaders

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Remove the gap between customer intent and action—and win more deals.

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Focus your coaching strategy

We break down every sales call into a fully analyzed, transcribed, and searchable conversation, so that you can extract powerful information about agent performance on every single call.

Understand agent performance

Do your sales reps disqualify quickly? Are they converting shoppers into buyers? Do they actually ask for the sale at the end of the call? Easily discover this and more from within your sales conversations.

Improve conversion rates

Turn average performers into sales leaders by identifying the agent behavior that correlates with higher conversion rates and coaching to replicate this behavior.

Pitch more effectively

Stop guessing at the best ways to sell to your customers. Use conversation intelligence to pinpoint the words that lead to the best conversion rates and make that pitch the default organization-wide.

“As our team continues to grow, we need to scale our training programs, and spend time enabling agent success. With Tethr, our coaches focus on facilitating skills development instead of searching for and listening to calls.”
- National Sales Director, TruGreen

Frequently asked questions

Why does my sales team need conversation intelligence software?

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Sales has evolved with the addition of artificial intelligence software that gives your sales reps the information they need to succeed. Sales call analysis software transcribes and analyzes your call recordings, turning your customer interactions into an AI based source of business intelligence that allows you to analyze top performers, teams, calls, and best practices.

What is the difference between Tethr and other conversation intelligence platforms?

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You have a lot of choices when it comes to conversation intelligence platforms.

Tethr’s software is rooted in science, industry-leading research, and advanced natural language processing. Our conversation analytics platform allows you to pinpoint moments in a call recording where a prospective customer indicates hesitation, price concerns, or indecision. We have more than a decade of research into what language top-performing sellers use to close more business. These nuanced moments aren’t recognized universally by other types of conversation analytics software.

With Tethr, you can also begin analyzing calls immediately. Our pre-built insight categories don’t require you to develop your own database of phrases and then teach our machine to recognize them. As soon as we start ingesting your calls and chat records, you start gaining insights based on customer experience and sales research that has proven to lead to success.

How can a conversation intelligence platform improve sales calls?

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Conversational intelligence leads to revenue growth. We use artificial intelligence when we analyze every sales conversation, so you aren’t basing decisions on gut instincts on anecdotal evidence. Instead, you can review your team performance and gain comprehensive insights that lead you to data driven decisions.

You can also analyze sales calls and see key moments in conversations and identify the conversational elements in sales pitches that help you win deals.

You can also analyze sales calls and see key moments in conversations and identify the conversational elements in sales pitches that help you win deals.

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