Sales leaders must prioritize a low-effort experience

Ashley Sava

May 4, 2020

Delivering a low-effort experience isn’t just important for customer service or customer experience departments, but for sales teams. A low-effort experience for sales, however, looks a little different.

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Effort reduction for sales conversion

Effort reduction and the ability to measure the effort of sales calls is something sales leaders should concentrate on in order to boost sales conversion. Using the Tethr Effort Index (TEI), effort scores are assigned for every customer interaction and sales call without the need for survey deployment.

Whether or not a provider is easy to do business can make or break a customer’s decision to take the final plunge. Offering a prescriptive buying experience, or an experience where sales teams sell solutions over products is another critical component to improve close rates.

Discover a low-effort experience for sales

Tethr's Chief Product and Research Officer, Matt Dixon, explains how a low-effort experience can increase the likelihood of an affirmative purchase decision in this short video. Learn how monitoring for effort can help your team know when to make save offers and discover how knowing where you stand on an effort level can help you coach your team to success. 

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