Quality assurance for the digital age.

We’ve reimagined QA for the age of automation, with research-backed insights and a little machine learning.

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How does it work?

Tethr’s platform tracks every call, analyzes your data faster than a team of dedicated data scientists, and then delivers insights you can act on.

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Your service and support teams: Now faster, cheaper, and better.

Service Team QA Scorecard and Tethr Effort Index

Improve coaching opportunities

Get right to the heart of what’s causing customer churn, and coach agents with targeted insights in order to fix it for good.

Discover upsell/cross-sell opportunities

Use data regarding your customers’ real needs to drive sales across departments.

Reduce cost of service

Cut the cost of repeat contacts by learning how to solve customer problems on the first call.

Increase loyalty

Understand what drives quality in your calls, and learn how to keep your customers loyal.

“With Tethr, we saw a 75% reduction in listening labor, enabling 4x increase in coaching interactions with 100% call coverage.”
QA Leader, Fortune 100 insurance company

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