We're on a mission to enable companies to improve the customer experience by listening to their customers.

Tethr's team photo
Tethr's team photo

We are all customers–
and we’ve all had negative customer experiences.

We all know the frustration of getting stuck on hold or hearing a customer service agent say there’s nothing they can do to help. Many of us have stopped doing business with a company after a particularly difficult interaction.

Tethr's team photo

At Tethr, we believe it doesn’t have to be this way.

We know that customer conversations contain a wealth of insights about products, services, experiences, and more. Armed with these insights, businesses can make operational changes, improve their products, and coach their agents to increase customer satisfaction.

Tethr's team photo

Tethr’s conversation intelligence platform surfaces automated insights from customer conversations and delivers those insights to the decision-makers who need them.

Backed by over a decade of CX and sales research, our AI-powered platform helps businesses unlock the full value of their conversation data and deliver effortless experiences.


Our core values

Our values guide our work, unite us as a team and motivate us to aim higher. They remind us that to be successful, we must LISTEN:



As we empower companies to listen to their customers, we listen to our teammates, customers, and shareholders to drive positive impact.


We believe that real innovation isn’t only about coming up with creative solutions to the known needs of customers, but in taking the time to define and solve their unknown needs as well.



We work to earn the trust of our customers, employees and shareholders in all decisions and actions. We earn that trust when we let all of our values lead.


We believe no individual is more important than the team, and that creating a collaborative learning environment multiplies impact to our customers.



We endeavor to make our solutions easy to use and our company easy to do business with.


We strive to deliver value quickly and adapt to the changing needs of customers.

"Tethr is family to me, as much as my family at home is. I want to come to the office to spend time with this team. I wake up each morning and have the opportunity to work with amazing people and solve for cool challenges."

Adam Larsen, CTO

"Working at a small, innovative company means that everything I do (or don’t do) matters. There’s always opportunities to learn new skills and stretch myself professionally. I'm glad to help organizations create an effortless experience."

Kaley Finn, Product Manager

"Working with patient geniuses on a daily basis is truly humbling and forces me to bring my A-game! I get to support a product that helps companies improve their customer experience, and I get to care for customers who care for their customers."

Joe Apodaca, Technical Support Engineer

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