Helping credit unions serve their members.

You're trusted with members' most important financial decisions. Build that trust with proof that you listen and respond to every moment. With Tethr's conversation intelligence platform, you can tap into your members' perspective, track every point of communication, and leverage AI technology to improve your member strategy.

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Missing the big picture when it comes to your member experience?

Arm your organization with in-depth knowledge and analytics about your member experience. Tethr provides an overview and specific details, so you can develop solutions for complex problems.

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Struggling to know where to start?

Improving your members' experience is essential, but it can be hard to know what to do first. Tethr leverages a decade worth of expert research so you can see what changes will make the biggest impact.

Playing catch up to fix old problems without getting a pulse on what’s coming?

When you integrate Tethr with your existing voice and chat systems, you don’t have to wait on survey results or rely on anecdotal evidence to know what pain points members experience. You’ll identify new trends as they happen, so you can circumvent problems before it’s too late.

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See how your member experience measures up.

How can AI powered analysis of member conversations change your credit union?


Improve the member experience

Create a member experience that inspires loyalty. See and eliminate friction points, areas of confusion, and engage members through digital channels.

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Enhance team performance

Create custom coaching plans based on each individual's performance, reduce agent turnover, and identify opportunities for team training.

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Increase membership and close more sales

Boost new member growth and improve sales by learning the exact phrases your successful team members use to successfully add services and close loans.

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Reduce member and agent churn

Make the process of QA and performance improvements easier, leading to higher agent job satisfaction. Identify members at-risk to leave and intervene.

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Reduce operational costs

Discover opportunities to create self-service tools, serve members more efficiently, and identify drivers of preventable costs - all to improve the bottom line.

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How your credit union can use conversation analytics

See how each team member performs

Identify coaching opportunities

Conduct QA analysis automatically

See the issues impacting your members

Identify churn reasons

Improve member strategy

“We don’t have to ask for any effort or work from our members or our employees. Tethr runs in the background and does a fantastic job telling us what we need to know. Having this information at our fingertips has made our decision making more data-driven.”
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Frequently asked questions

Why does a credit union need to use conversation intelligence software?

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Credit unions' service to members is its lifeblood. But often, member feedback is disjointed, and you end up relying on anecdotal evidence or member surveys with low participation to judge how well you serve your members. That's where Tethr creates value. We use conversational data, analyze it, and then show you actionable insights that will make a difference to your customers. We base our findings on decades of research into customer experience best practices and are able to give you immediate answers to questions like "What specific problems frustrate our members?" and "How well does my team respond to difficult situations?" "How many people does this issue affect" and more.

What kind of member interactions does Tethr analyze?

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Tethr analyzes when you talk to members, however that happens. We integrate with your existing voice, chat, and case management platforms. We use voice analytics and text analytics, coupled with AI and machine learning, to generate valuable and actionable insights you can trust. Once we connect your conversations with Tethr, you'll start seeing feedback on your member experience immediately. Identify ways to improve your member engagement, business operations, website access, and more - without relying on survey data from members or fragmented personal experience.

How does Tethr improve Credit unions' member experiences?

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Tethr analyzes the raw data from all your member interactions and provides you with an easy way to understand weaknesses so you can act to make improvements your members want. Our prebuilt dashboards show you what issues members contact member support about, the key problems or recurring questions they had, and how well your team addresses their concerns. Your personalized analysis can show you where you need to improve based on industry benchmarks, including benchmarking metrics specific to financial services organizations.

See how your member experience measures up.