The JOLT Effect

How Tethr helped shape the groundbreaking research into customer indecision

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The research is clear. 40 to 60% of sales deals end up stalled in no decision limbo. Customers, it turns out, are much less worried about missing out on a new product or service than they are about making a bad decision – so many don’t do anything.

Using Tethr’s AI-powered conversation intelligence platform, researchers, sales experts, and best-selling author Matt Dixon and Ted McKenna evaluated millions of sales calls and unearthed ways best sellers behave as buyers get cold feet, producing The JOLT Effect – a first-of-its-kind playbook for losing fewer deals to no decision.

Combined with Tethr, The JOLT Effect helps any sales organization eliminate the gap between customer intent and action - and close more sales.

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Identify indecision in your sales process and learn how to address it

Get access to the platform that drove the JOLT research

Give your sales a JOLT with Tethr

Discover how to get indecisive buyers to go from verbally committing to actually pulling the trigger.

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Judge the indecision

  • When do buyers get cold-feet?
  • Identify the active listening techniques and probing questions your high-performing reps use to combat indecision and turn those deals around

Offer firm recommendations

  • Are your reps guiding customers to a decision?
  • Monitor how your sales team is offering proactive guidance and advocacy-based language to move customers forward

Limit the exploration

  • Requests for more information prolong sales cycles and lead to even more indecision
  • Evaluate your team’s success at owning the flow of information, signaling expertise, and anticipating objections

Take risk off the table

  • Indecisive customers are afraid to fail
  • Understand the techniques your high performers are using to limit downside risk and manage expectations

Use Tethr’s intuitive, prescriptive dashboards to analyze every sales conversation, discover your most effective pitches and promotions, view in-depth rep performance, and benchmark against industry leaders.

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