Analyze your customer chat conversations

Unsure how chat affects your customer experience? Get detailed analysis of your chat conversations and improve your customers' digital experience

Measure customer effort and sentiment

Monitor and improve live agent performance

Train your chatbot

Identify specific problems your customers struggle with

Pinpoint what issues lead to escalations or abandoned chats

Integrates with the chat platforms you trust

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Do your customers receive great service when they chat with customer support?

You want your customers to receive the same great experience on every channel. Improve customer experience and prevent churn when you measure wait times, chat resolution rates, and use AI conversation analysis to verify customer satisfaction and gauge customer effort - without reading every single transcript.

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Is your chat team effectively addressing customer concerns?

It’s more efficient to operate chat support, but not if every conversation turns into an escalation or switches to a phone call. Keep your costs low and customer satisfaction high as you measure how well your team resolves  concerns and reduces the burden on your call center and learn specific issues that create friction.

How can your chatbot work better to serve customers?

Research is clear: customers prefer the convenience of a chatbot for quick answers. AI-powered analysis of your conversations can help train your chatbot to answer questions more effectively, reducing costs and improving agent performance as you and route customers to appropriate agents.

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Analyze agent chat and chatbots with conversation intelligence

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Score chat conversations and agent performance

Evaluate conversations from every angle with Tethr’s Switch Score, customer effort index, agent performance score and more.


Optimize your chatbot performance

Analyze how chatbot responses influence customer satisfaction and frustration and find opportunities for optimization


Improve your full customer journey

Learn which issues prompt escalations, calls, and pose a churn risk and work toward improvement

Frequently asked questions

How do you analyze customer chat conversations?

Tethr brings conversational intelligence to your existing chat platforms. It digests unstructured data from your chat transcripts, then uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to evaluate conversations for key moments. Tethr includes essential chat analytics such as wait times, resolution rates, and interaction counts, but also goes beyond that to give you full visibility into your customer experience. We show you reasons customers contact you, if your answers satisfy their concerns, what issues cause effort and frustration, and how well your agents respond.

Can you analyze voice calls and chat conversations?

Tethr supports an omnichannel customer experience. Using Tethr, you can evaluate all your customer interactions, wherever they happen: voice, chat, chatbot, or email.

What types of metrics do you measure in a chat conversation?

For every chat conversation, Tethr provides several scores. The conversation Switch Score measures how many interactions back and forth between and agent, customer, and chatbot took place prior to resolution, The Tethr Effort Index measures dozens of elements in a conversation that contribute to customer effort. The Agent Impact Score measures you agent’s performance addressing customer issues. We also provide conversational contextual analytics, such as when agents can’t fix problems or when a customer complains about missed expectations. In addition, chat platforms provide metadata that feeds into Tethr. Depending on your chosen platform, we can also show you important conversation elements such as chat abandonment rates and resolution rates.

What kinds of chat conversations do you measure?

Businesses use chat conversations to speak to both customers and prospects. Companies use Tethr’s conversation intelligence platform to evaluate both. We analyze customer support and customer service chats and can pinpoint areas of customer frustration, what issues prompted contacts, and customer sentiment. We can also evaluate your sales chat performance and measure key metrics such as how often sales opportunities were taken advantage of, if upsell opportunities were offered, and if customer indecision played a factor in lost sales.

Do you analyze chatbot conversations?

Yes. We do this two different ways. In addition to providing analysis of your customer conversations with chatbots, we can also help train them. Many companies often start conversations on a chatbot then move to live chat as needed. We can evaluate trends in live chat conversations and help you identify areas to create answers in your chatbot, enabling more self-service options.  

See how Tethr scores your chats and optimizes your chat experience