The real-time conversation analytics solution built for you.

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Navigate customers through faster, easier conversations

Agent assist prompts make your answers powerful, personalized, and consistent

Response triggers based on 1000s of pre-built models proven to improve CX

Supervisor alerts allow you to monitor critical issues as they occur

Easy and fast configuration that gives you control

Get the information you need, without distraction from a flurry of obvious prompts

Want to keep your conversations in compliance with QA standards?

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In-moment compliance checklists keep conversations on track

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Alert agents if they miss a QA step before the call is over

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Do your agents stall conversations while searching for the right answers?

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Tethr Live finds the answers for your agent so they can move toward resolution

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Configure prompts to link to knowledge base articles, troubleshooting guides, and more

Want to know the instant agents have trouble?

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Supervisor alerts show your team leaders when they need to intervene

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Decide what events you want instant notifications for and easily configure them

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Need help preventing difficult conversations?

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Analyze historical customer interactions to identify drivers of cost, churn and sales opportunities - and configure Tethr Live to prioritize highest areas of impact

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AI-generated call summaries provide post-call feedback to agents and surface coaching opportunities

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Frequently asked questions

What is real time contact center reporting?

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Traditionally, contact center reporting occurred after calls ended. Now, using AI-powered speech analytics, Tethr Live can analyze conversations in real-time, giving contact center agents the ability to act and improve conversations in the moment. Real-time reports provide actionable insights for agents, such as if there is too much silence time. Call center supervisors who access real-time call analytics see a different set of real-time updates and key performance indicators, and can intervene when necessary with real-time coaching.

What is agent assist?

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Agent assist is a function of real-time monitoring of customer conversations that gives agents real-time guidance on what they should say or do during customer calls. Prompts that pop up while agents are speaking to customers can help agents know what steps to take next, give them guidance, or provide knowledge base articles about common customer issues. This can help improve agent performance and customer experiences by reducing agent confusion or unnecessary delays in calls.

Tethr's agent assist capability focuses on the agent experience, giving them the information they need without too much distraction from the conversation.

What are the advantages of real time feedback for a contact center?

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Real-time data can alert supervisors to problems in the contact center as soon as they occur. Supervisors can also see real-time transcription of calls, and real-time insights, such as the customer's sentiment on a call. This allows for real-time coaching or supervisor intervention.

Overall, this can enhance your service level and improve customer satisfaction.

How do customers benefit from real-time agent guidance?

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Customer experiences are better when they get solutions faster and accurate answers to their problems. Real-time agent coaching and agent assist can help lower average handle times, average hold times, and provide agents with answers to incoming requests automatically.