Helping utility providers serve their customers.

Your customers rely on you for their essential needs, but frustrating processes and price concerns can threaten customer relationships. With Tethr's conversation intelligence platform, you can automate the QA process,track every point of communication, view emerging customer service trends, and leverage AI technology – all to improve your customer experience.

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QA and compliance taking all your time, with little left to work on what customers care about?

Quality assurance and compliance with regulations can consume your efforts, with little returns. Tethr’s AI-powered conversation analysis can automate your QA process, so you can monitor 100% of your conversations in a fraction of the time - leaving you to focus on what matters.

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Customers frustrated by energy costs, outages, and service?

Utility providers encounter customers during moments full of potential frustration, whether its connection requests, service outages, or rising energy costs. Use Tethr’s research-backed conversational intelligence to analyze which responses and language improve customer sentiment and reduce customer effort, so you make even the difficult situations seamless.

Struggling to keep on top of trending issues as they happen?

When you integrate Tethr with your existing voice and chat systems, you don’t have to wait on survey results or rely on anecdotal evidence to know what pain points members experience. You’ll identify new trends as they happen, so you can circumvent problems before it’s too late.

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Analyze 100% of your calls, automatically

How can AI powered analysis of customer conversations help utility providers?


Operate more efficiently

Every dollar matters when it comes to providing utilities at affordable prices. Discover opportunities to create and improve self-service tools, serve customers more efficiently, and identify drivers of preventable costs in your contact center and beyond.

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Coach agent behaviors

Tethr’s analysis of your customer phone calls and chats gives you insight into your entire team’s performance. Create custom agent coaching plans and identify opportunities for team training, all working to improve agent performance.

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Build customer loyalty

Utility providers' customer relationships need nurturing, especially as competition increases. Identify reasons for customer churn and pinpoint customers at-risk to leave. Then, take steps to intervene.

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Improve your customer journey

Create a seamless customer experience that meets customer expectations. Identify and eliminate friction points, areas of confusion, and engage customers through digital channels.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do utility providers use conversation intelligence software?

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Customer relationships with utility companies can be complex. Utility provider customer service teams manage high frustration, price sensitivity, and increasing competition. To evaluate your customer experience at scale, you can’t rely on anecdotal evidence or customer surveys with low participation to judge how well you serve your customers. That's where Tethr creates value. We use conversational data, analyze it, and then show you actionable insights that will make a difference to your customers. We base our findings on decades of research into customer experience best practices and are able to give you immediate answers to questions like "What specific problems frustrate our customers?" and "How well does my team respond to difficult situations?" "How many people does this issue affect?" and more.

What kind of customer interactions does Tethr analyze?

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Tethr analyzes when you talk to customers, whether that happens over the phone, on chat, or over email. Tethr integrates with your existing voice, chat, and case management platforms. Then, it uses voice analytics and text analytics, coupled with AI and machine learning, to generate valuable and actionable insights you can trust. Once you connect your conversations with Tethr, you'll start seeing feedback on your customer experience immediately. Identify ways to improve your customer engagement, business operations, website access, and more - without relying on survey data from customers or fragmented anecdotal evidence.

How does Tethr improve utility providers’ customer experiences?

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Tethr analyzes the raw data from all your customer interactions and provides you with an easy way to understand weaknesses so you can act to make improvements your customers want. You can use Tethr to analyze complex information unique to your industry. For example, if you need to zero in on high electrical utilities bills during seasonal periods or monitor spikes in requests for alternative energy, Tethr can help.  It can help you understand which processes are most difficult for your customers so you can improve them. Our prebuilt dashboards show you what issues customers contact customer support about, the key problems or recurring questions they had, and how well your team addresses their concerns.