Instant, unbiased, & comprehensive customer feedback.

Find out immediately what your customers really think about your products and services with our state-of-the-art customer listening platform.

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Prioritize product improvements.

Easily find issues with your product using actual customer feedback, and use that information to build both a better customer experience and a more loyal customer base.

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Give your customers a seat at the table.

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Discover where you stand in the market

Get real data about customer preferences, user experience issues, and more. Tethr delivers the insights you need to compete in your market.

Unlock good and bad feedback

Your customers are telling you about your products on every call. Find out if their feedback is good, bad, or indifferent with the inside scoop on every customer conversation.

Say goodbye to surveys

Eliminate reliance on mediocre survey response rates or time-consuming focus groups. Tethr listens to all the conversations you’re already having, and delivers insights on 100% of those interactions.

Solutions-oriented reporting

Uncover what issues frustrate your customers with highly granular data spliced down to brand, material, and more. Armed with the facts, you can start solving product issues as they occur—not after you’ve already lost business.

“This tool will help us build our playbook at a supervisor level, with the intent to use Tethr to better start the day from an impact standpoint.”
Manager, Fortune 500 services company

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