Diagnose churn 
risk and increase customer loyalty

Identify the most effective ways to retain more customers

Tether analyzes your conversation data for signs of churn risk and delivers insights to a ChurnRx dashboard, helping you proactively address service issues and improve the customer experience.

Understand the top reasons your customers leave and take a data-driven approach to reducing churn

Monitor and address leading indicators of churn to increase customer loyalty and lifetime value

Measure the effectiveness of agent behaviors and save offers, and coach agents to better assist at-risk customers

Start with pre-built reports for immediate impact and customize your ChurnRx dashboard to reflect your goals and KPIs

Understand why customers leave – and what you can do to prevent it

Use Tethr’s ChurnRx to hone in on the reasons customers leave and determine what your business can do to reduce churn risk.

Identify and address churn risk factors

Track leading indicators of churn across 100% of customer conversations

Send automatic notifications to escalation teams any time a customer mentions canceling

Identify the top causes of churn risk and prioritize the right actions to address them

Leading indicators for churn risk and Reasons driving churn risks illustration
handle churn risks illustration

Empower agents to handle churn risks

Automatically evaluate agents on language and behaviors proven to impact churn risk

Determine which agents are most effective at saving customers and which agents need additional coaching

Make process improvements based on churn insights

Discover the top reasons for churn and how your contact center can overcome them

Identify the most successful save offers and train agents to use them

Track cancellation requests and save attempts to measure progress toward goals and find areas for improvement

improvements based on churn insights illustration