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The only research-backed platform that delivers automated insights from your customer conversations.

Meet Tethr:

Tethr automatically surfaces relevant insights from every customer conversation, and displays information in easy-to-use dashboards.

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Broad and intelligent search capabilities with a simple user interface.

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Our always-learning AI engine surfaces insights on every call, while protecting sensitive customer data.

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Tethr alerts you to the most important information via easy-to-customize email, SMS, or app notifications.

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It’s easy to share information and collaborate across teams with the Tethr platform, thanks to seamless integrations and elegant interface.

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Out-of-the-box insights on day one.

Analyze every conversation

Minimize customer churn

Enable multichannel insights

Coach agents

Drive revenue

Reduce customer effort

Data-backed conversation scores.

Our conversation analytics are best-in-class. We provide proprietary conversation scores on every call, based on nearly a decade of research into customer conversations in service, sales, and CX.

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The Tethr Effort Index

TEI is the market’s best indicator of loyalty in channels where customers seek service and support. This AI-derived metric measures the effort in each customer interaction, based on more than 250 independent variables and 10,000+ combinations of distinct phrases and utterances.

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CSATai predicts a customer satisfaction score for every conversation, eliminating the need to rely on low-response CSAT surveys. By evaluating 100% of your conversations, it allows you to pinpoint the factors with the biggest impact on customer satisfaction–and take action to improve the customer experience.

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Custom scoring

Don’t see your scoring solution listed? No problem. Our team can create custom score configurations based on your organization’s needs, so that you can keep all your existing metrics for success. The only difference is that now you’ll be able to view and track them all with unparalleled precision inside of the Tethr platform.

How it works:


Feed the machine

Start surfacing insights on day one with Tethr’s easy-to-use interface. Simply connect your data streams using our pre-built integrations to feed the machine, and watch the scores roll in.


Informed analysis

Thanks to years of training and research, Tethr knows what metrics really matter to your bottom line. Cut through the clutter with our informed analysis—and learn what behaviors your top performers use with customers.


Coachable insights

Distribute your new action-oriented insights anywhere in the organization with one of our many integrations. That’s coachable data delivered automatically to your dashboard, inbox, CRM, or sales tool.

Data delivered when, where, and how you need it.

Sync and share insights from one end of the organization to the other. We integrate with Qualtrics—the leading Experience Management System—as well as Customer Relationship Management systems, like Salesforce, to simplify and automate your business processes.

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Listening made simple through on-premise and cloud-based integrations. Plus, Tethr scales on demand, utilizing flexible and reliable cloud computing to assist businesses of any size.


Our two-way integrations make it easy to ship data both in and out. Check out our integration page for a complete list of the CRM, BI and CX management tools we work with.

Solutions for your entire business:

Customer experience

Customer care

Sales and marketing

Products and services

Quality assurance

Effort reduction

Security certifications

Tethr is PCI Level 1 and SOC 2 compliant and satisfies the requirements for GDPR.



A few of Tethr's most recent awards and accolades.

CX Awards 2024CreditUnions Innovation Series 2024BIG Excellence in Customer Service Award 2024Hot Vendors in Conversational AI, 2023

Start tracking the metrics that matter.