Drive revenue growth with conversation intelligence

Your buyers and sales agents are telling you everything you need to know

Tethr analyzes every sales conversation and surfaces insights to improve sales processes, increase conversions, and grow revenue. We deliver those insights in an easy-to-read SalesRx dashboard so you can identify quick wins and prioritize areas of improvement.

Analyze 100% of your sales conversations to uncover trends in won and lost deals

Automate your QA process and assess every interaction for key behaviors that are proven to increase conversions

Identify common objections and track how well your sales agents are addressing them

Start with pre-built reports for immediate impact and customize your dashboard to reflect your organization’s goals and metrics

Empower your sales agents and improve the buyer experience

Use Tethr’s SalesRx to build a better agent and buyer experience–and ultimately increase your win rate.

Overcome buyer objections

See which objections are coming up the most frequently and which are converting at the highest and lowest rates

Identify your most successful rebuttals and coach your agents to use them effectively

Drill down to uncover insights related to pricing concerns–or any other objection category you want to track

Buyer objections illustration
Agent behaviors illustration

Monitor agent behaviors that impact conversion rate

Keep a pulse on your sales team’s performance based on factors proven to impact conversions

Add custom reports to track team-wide performance around specific behaviors and events that matter to your business

Identify opportunities for improvement and coach agents strategically

Automatically score every interaction for key competencies that contribute to a higher conversion rate

Set criteria to automatically flag conversations that require a manual evaluation and turn on notifications to receive a daily digest of conversations to review

Review individual agent performance and offer unbiased, strategic coaching to help agents close more deals

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“Because it provides analytics over all calls that are easily interpreted, actionable, and measurable, Tethr has driven an increase in conversion of leads, value of sale, and retention of sales”

Matt Zoller, National Sales Director, TruGreen

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