How to improve your call center's QA process

Carl Schultze

May 10, 2022

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We talk all the time about how businesses should pay attention to what their customers say. So it only makes sense that we should also listen to our customers. We learned that our customers didn’t have an easy way to complete all parts of quality assurance testing, one of the most important functions of Tethr. So we decided to fix it. 

Now, we’re happy to say we’ve made call center quality assurance easier and comprehensive with a new feature on our platform called Evaluations. This new feature allows for manual QA checks so our customers don’t have to go outside of Tethr to conduct any aspect of their quality management program. 

Automate call center QA

Tethr already allows customers to automate call center QA on our platform. Traditional quality assurance methods force supervisors to audit less than 1% of calls by listening to them and scoring them. However, Tethr can capture 100% of interactions you have with customers and automatically score them. 

Along with quality monitoring and user experience analytics, Tethr can automatically check if agents perform certain tasks, such as offering a greeting. This drastically reduces the time you spend, your overhead costs, and your compliance risk. 

However, we learned from our customers that even though they want a way to automate call center QA, they also still wanted to manually evaluate some customer interactions. Even when our platform does QA evaluations for them en masse,  compliance reviews or subjective customer experience evaluations occasionally need a human touch, too.

Some quality assurance and CX items can be subjective or need supervisor verification. We wanted to make it easier for our customers to include these types of tests as part of their quality management practice. 

Custom QA Evaluation forms

Once we realized that manual checks were part of our customers testing strategy, we created a solution for this. That’s where our new Evaluations come in.

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Evaluations allow Tethr customers to create their own custom forms for their QA processes, compliance checks, or audits.

We had customers who have been using Tethr for years, but relied on spreadsheets to conduct their audits and had to toggle back and forth between windows. Not anymore!

How Tethr Evaluations work

In the Tethr platform, account administrators can now build custom evaluation forms. You can then use these forms to evaluate interactions. You can create different types of evaluation forms for various testing activities, such as unit tests for specific groups of customers or types of interactions. 

Our development team made the form builder flexible. It can work for manual QA reviews,  agent coaching, compliance reviews, or even simple disposition codes. 

Additionally, you can score each Evaluation, allowing you to assign custom points to each question and answer. This will allow you to bring Evaluations scores into your Tethr reporting.

Reporting on Evaluations

Once you complete the evaluations forms, you can build custom reports to help you track critical insights for your QA or other processes. 

For example you can easily report on:

  • Trending scores for each evaluation
  • Trending answers to specific questions
  • Identify which team members have completed their evaluations or not
  • Identify agents who are in need of coaching based on their evaluation scores
  • Combine Tethr’s automated analysis with manual evaluations for deeper insight and context.

Want to know more? 

Interested in using evaluations in your existing Tethr account? Reach out to your customer service manager or email

Not an account holder yet? We’re happy to give you a tour of the product. Book a demo with one of our product experts here. 

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