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Are your sales pitches really working? Improve your close rate using Tethr

Prospect, pitch, close, repeat. And where would sales be without stellar sales pitches?

When it comes to improving sales, understanding the effectiveness of sales pitches is paramount. But how do you determine what is and isn’t working?

Tethr helps businesses to surface trends in conversion rates, show averages and potential sales volume by team or agent and to quickly see the results of A/B tested pitches. Sales teams can obtain structured insights regarding the key call activities that take place during the sales calls.

Businesses use Tethr to measure how often agents attempt to pitch a sale and how that behavior impacts conversion. Start guiding agents who might need a little extra help with pitches and narrow down which pitches are most effective and which simply aren’t cutting it. There are many behaviors that drive sales conversion and Tethr allows leaders to determine which ones are most pertinent to focus on.

Tethr Customer Success Manager Amanda Lucio explains how Tethr helps organizations optimize pitch effectiveness with a focus on boosting revenue generation in this short demo.