Introducing TethrRx: Prescriptive insights like you’ve never seen them before

Steve Trier

January 24, 2022

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Here at Tethr, we’re committed to continuously evolving our approach to a better customer experience–both for our customers and yours. Over the years, that’s looked like a lot of things, from research into the highest-converting sales behaviors, to new product features, to investments in the company as a whole. Each of these has brought something new to Tethr, and enabled more powerful insights, a better user experience for our customers, and more.

Today, we’re continuing this grand tradition with a new, long-awaited release. If you’ve wanted easier access to the insights you already know you need, a shortcut to the information that will move the needle for your business, this release is for you. 

Please welcome… TethrRx.

What is TethrRx? 

TethrRx provides out-of-the-box prescriptive insights to address your most important Sales, CX, and Call Center issues. TethrRx includes a set of pre-built dashboards using Tethr’s latest conversation visualization methods. These dashboards are powered by Tethr’s research-backed insight library and interaction scoring models. This set of easy-to-use dashboards provides a simple diagnostic that shows you instantly what’s important in your customer conversations on your very first day on the platform.

Get usable, actionable data on your first day in Tethr. 

Insights everywhere, for everyone 

With TethrRx, you gain new visibility into every corner of your business, at every level of management. Get unique insights into customer experience, customer care, and sales, with entirely different metrics and reports for each department. 

On your first click into the platform, easily access relevant dashboards for your organization, and quickly zero in on the insights that will help drive improvements across your organization. 

TethrRx includes the following accelerator packs 

  • ChurnRx: Zero in on the issues that are causing customer churn. 
  • SalesRx: Identify the messages and behaviors that increase sales. 
  • CostRx: Spot areas to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. 
  • CustomerRx: Pinpoint the positive and negative drivers of customer experience. 
  • AgentRx: Scorecard agent performance to make agent-level improvements. 
  • EffortRx: Eliminate high effort interactions that are degrading customer loyalty.
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TethrRx also features separate dashboards for different levels of management. Whether you’re a leader in the c-suite, or the manager of a call center, there’s a dashboard tailored to your reporting needs. 

Uncover insights into the Customer Experience (CX)

The ChurnRx and CustomerRx accelerator packs are designed to show you the highlights of your customer’s experience with your company and quickly identify if customers are likely to churn. With a click into the leader dashboard, you’ll be able to see important statistics like average handle time, sources of friction, churn risk rate, and overall customer satisfaction. In the manager dashboard, you’ll see stats like “Top reasons customers are upset”, “What friction point to focus on”, and more.

Each of these dashboards offers unprecedented insights into the customer experience—and all of them include effort scoring metrics using our proprietary Tethr Effort Index (TEI). And of course, don’t forget to check the benchmarking sections to see how your company measures up to the competition.

Key takeaway: TethrRx delivers the information CX leaders and managers need to really make a difference in the customer experience.

Get unprecedented visibility into successful Sales behaviors

While much of our work in the past has focused on CX and Customer Care, we’ve added the SalesRx accelerator pack to reflect some of the groundbreaking research we’ve done around Sales recently. For leaders, get insights into the number of daily interactions and opportunities handled by your sales reps, as well as a look at conversion rates.

But it doesn’t stop there. Managers get a look at more granular data, delving into a specific team view where they can see their direct reports’ opportunities and conversions tracked on a live dashboard.

Check out that sweet, sweet scatter chart.

Key takeaway: TethrRx offers sales leaders serious insights into their team’s successes and failures on both a macro and micro level. 

Deliver more efficient Customer Care solutions

Finally, we’ve rolled out CostRx and AgentRx for Contact Center leaders. These accelerator packs cover both suggestions for performance enhancement and opportunities to reduce overall cost. Leaders can click into a dashboard that offers insights into QA standards, customer satisfaction, and of course, our own Agent Impact Score (AIS). 

Managers go a step further, with details into the reasons for longer handle times on difficult calls, and the drivers of above-average AIS on positive calls. 

And of course, in both manager and leader dashboards, TethrRx includes Tethr’s benchmarking feature, which tells you how your team stacks up to the competition. 

Key takeaway: TethrRx makes it possible for your Customer Care teams to cut down on long handle times, eliminate sources of customer friction, and enhance contact center performance. 

What can TethrRx do for me? 

Simply put, TethrRx delivers prescriptive insights from pre-built dashboards, associated categories, and scoring models to show you the most important insights from your customer call, chat, and case data on your very first day on the platform. CX, Sales, and Customer Care leaders alike will be able to access unprecedented insights like never before. 

Plus, if you’re a fan of research behind The Effortless Experience, don’t miss EffortRx–a dedicated customer-centric accelerator pack dedicated to all your favorite effort metrics!

In conclusion…

For busy managers and leaders in any department, this is a game-changer. Simply plug in your data, open TethrRx, and you’re ready to take immediate action.

Want to learn more about how TethrRx can work for your company? Request a demo with our team today. 

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