Tethr product updates: Quadrants and scatter plots

Steve Trier

March 22, 2022

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In our never-ending quest to make it easier to find meaningful insights from customer conversation data, we’re excited to announce the addition of Quadrants and Scatter plots within our reporting. These two new graphs give CX, customer care, and sales leaders a whole new set of tools for exploration and insight, allowing you to measure multiple variables on multiple axes. 

What that really means is you get a whole new perspective on your data, helping you see how different variables relate to each other and how you can use those insights to drive game-changing action.

Why we created this new report type

A quick back story on how Quadrants came to be. As we prepared for Tethr’s new SalesRx release, we were working on the final reports to immediately guide Sales leaders to the most impactful insights from their customer interactions.

During a working session, we looked at how we reported on the difficulty in overcoming sales objections as related to converting a sale. The report we had selected was a list bar graph (which you can see below). Because we were familiar with the customer we were modeling the reports for, we noticed that while the numbers looked correct, it seemed that the most impactful data was not brought to the top for the Sales leader to act on.

As you can see, the list graph was only showing the rate at which agents struggled to overcome certain objections, and in this case the most frequent objection was when the customer said they wanted to  “consult someone” before buying. Again, knowing this customer data well, we noted that while the rate was right for that objection, the volume was low compared to other objections. 

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Put another way, the graph showed that the sales team didn’t overcome the “consult someone” objection very often but also, that specific objection happens in a smaller number of the interactions than another objection, for example when the customer said they were just “shopping around”. If we dig a little deeper in that list graph, we see that the  “shopping around” objection happens nearly at the same frequency AND occurs on far more interactions where the agent doesn't convert the sale.

Of course, the Sales leader could easily change a few settings on the report so they could see the volume of the objection, but that seemed like work they should not need to do to get the most impactful insight.

Creating a new report to drive better insights and actions

So the Tethr team quickly thought of using a scatter plot to display both rate and volume, and then decided the better route would be to use a Quadrant to make it easy to emphasize the most important data. Looking at the four boxes, in this case, shows that anything in the top right quadrant would be the most impactful area to focus on. 

With the new quadrant graph below you can now see the objections that occur most frequently AND occur in a higher percentage of interactions. Focusing on both rate and volume represents where the best investments of time will be to help elevate sales conversions. For example, in the quadrant graph below, it is clear that the “shopping around” objection occurs in the most interactions where the sale is not converted, so sales leaders would be better off starting to address that objection before tackling others.

The best thing about this report type? Lots of applications. Looking at the data this way allows you to assess things like what call reasons result in the most rep confusion, what save offers are the most effective based on the reason a customer wants to cancel, what's driving unwanted holds and transfers that can drive up your customer’s frustration and your costs, and much more.  

With everything we do, we are always looking to help you get the most out of your data in the easiest way possible. This is just one more new feature from the Tethr team that allows you to drive clarity on the best areas to focus on for improvement.

Early feedback from our current customers has been great! If you’d like to learn more about Quadrants or our TethrRx insights for Sales, Care, or Customer Experience leaders reach out for a demo here.

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