Tethr's new trial gives customers the control

Sara Yonker

June 2, 2022

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It’s time to change this business. 

Tethr helps companies improve their customer experience — so it’s time we do the same. 

We believe customers prefer hands-on experience over sales demos. That’s why we’re unlocking a new option for those interested in conversation intelligence. 

Starting now, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial with Tethr and see for yourself what insights lay hidden in your customer conversations. 

Try Tethr for yourself

When we began, we ran Tethr like a lot of other B2B companies.  If you wanted to know how our product worked before committing to a purchase, you scheduled time to talk with a salesperson. They’d show you a presentation and have a sales engineer provide a demo and explain how the product works.

Not anymore. Now you can jump in the driver’s seat.

We all tend to trust our own experiences over what others tell us. Watching another person’s screen can’t compare to using an application yourself. So we’re listening — and we’re excited to see what happens when you start using our AI to listen to your customers.  

Tethr mines every customer conversation for key insights, then distills the information within pre-built dashboards to show you all the metrics that matter

Our Zero Touch mission

We’ve worked to make our platform “touch free”. Not every company has data scientists and IT teams available to implement conversation analytics. Even fewer have linguistics experts who understand how to tune speech recognition models. With Tethr, you don’t need either.

Tethr’s platform doesn’t require coding. Unlike other speech analytics platforms, it already has thousands of the most important conversational elements pre-built into the platform. That means as soon as you start using Tethr, it digests your conversations and instantly recognizes key moments.

You don’t have to train Tethr to recognize that a bank customer is upset because their debit card isn’t working. Our system automatically recognizes that and flags it. 

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Instant analysis

Data alone won’t solve your problems. That’s why we don’t overwhelm you with data dumps. We distill the information into something you can easily understand, with enough information to act upon it. 

For example, when using the full Tethr platform, you’ll be able to instantly see things like: the top reasons driving customer frustration and churn, how each customer service agent performed across numerous measures, and what specific actions help you win more sales. 

Maybe your team excels at resolving issues quickly, but doesn’t ask probing questions to uncover related problems that will cause customers to call back. Tethr tracks all that, showing you the number of repeat callers as well as analyzing how well your agents asked probing questions. 

It also tells you how you compare to other companies.  For every metric, Tethr benchmarks your results against average and top performers. It illuminates which specific metrics you should focus on first to produce the most value for your company.  

Meeting customer expectations

Over the past decade, technology prompted customers to expect more. Your customers want immediate responses and instant gratification.  We’re excited about helping companies take it to the next level.  

With Tethr listening to all of your customer conversations, you’ll keep your finger on the pulse of your customers’ needs. Then you’ll be able to adapt and respond– making it possible to improve your sales, customer experience and business as a whole.

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