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Carl Schultze

October 5, 2022

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Need to keep a pulse on your CX metrics? Our new inbox insights feature sends reports automatically to every stakeholder who needs them.

Everyone at your company plays a part in creating a positive customer experience.  Now, Tethr has a way to include everyone in monitoring your CX health, from your leadership in the contact center to executives overseeing operational issues. 

We’re introducing a new capability called Inbox Insights. You can create reports that provide updated daily, weekly, or monthly metrics, and automatically send them via email to your managers, executives, and team so that everyone stays aware of your customer metrics. 

This feature is perfect for those in your company who don’t log in to Tethr regularly, but want to keep track of your overall performance or gain insight into what your customers say.

Here are justo a few of the questions Inbox Insights can answer for you:

How did my call center employees perform this week?

Managers can schedule an Inbox Insight report weekly that provides them with information about their top and bottom performers. 

What’s causing customer churn?

You can schedule a weekly report to leadership that shows you the top pain points causing churn, enabling you to take action and address customer concerns at the source. 

What happened yesterday in the customer contact center?

Need a daily analysis of call drivers? Inbox Insights can provide that, too. You can schedule a daily email to site leadership that shows you valuable information such as call volumes and deltas for call drivers.

What’s happening right now with my customers?

If you’re in a busy season or need instant access to your metrics, you can access immediate reports analyzing your customer experience and send them out via email to whoever on your team needs to see it.

Is my team making progress?

You can get an email sent once a month that measures progress month over month, comparing your team’s performance to the prior month. 

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What problems do my customers need fixed?

Customer service agents can’t always solve every customer problem. Often, although agents are the first to know about emerging problems, it can take some time for that anecdotal information to make its way to the C-suite or relevant departments. Inbox Insights reports can highlight what problems customers experience with your operations, procedures, or products so that the right teams know what they need to address. 

How active is the customer contact center?

Inbox Insights can give you regular updates about contact center activity, so you can see if call volumes or chat interactions increased or decreased. You can also measure other valuable metrics, such as call length, the percentage of calls that were difficult, and if agents were responsive to customer concerns.

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