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Carl Schultze

June 6, 2022

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Conversation analytics trial lets you explore the Tethr platform  

Sometimes, it takes more than seeing to believe. You need experience. 

Before you justify one more business expense based on just a demo you watch, you may want to understand exactly what you’ll get out of conversation analytics. That’s why we invite you to try Tethr before you sign up for the full Tethr platform.

Our free trial gives you more than just a look. Here's what you can do:

What you can do in the Tethr trial

Tethr’s trial gives you the option to both explore the platform and upload your own calls. Even if your company doesn’t offer phone support, you can still get value out of the trial. 

We’ve prepared our full TethrRx dashboards with information from sample interactions. These dashboards get automatically populated with data once you upgrade to a full account and integrate your telephony or chat system. In the meantime, you can discover all the different insights Tethr uncovers.

  • Agent Rx shows detailed information about how your team performs as a whole and as individuals
  • Customer Rx gives you insight from conversational data into reasons customers calls, customer engagement, and the entire customer experience 
  • Churn Rx breaks down how many customers are at-risk of churning plus lists top reasons causing customer dissatisfaction
  • Sales Rx will give you insight into your sales team's performance, common objections, and best-performing pitches
  • Cost Rx helps identify main causes for operational costs in a contact center so you can monitor and adjust behaviors

Unlock what’s inside customer conversations 

You may understand how speech analytics or text analytics work, but Tethr does more than that. We’re a conversational intelligence platform, which means we analyze the conversation as a whole. You’ll see what that means in detail when you look at how each conversation gets broken down into key moments. 

You can see this two different ways. First, you can review sample call transcripts and see how Tethr identifies key moments. We’ve programmed our AI to recognize not just keywords or phrases, but the nuances in speech that convey the subtext of what customers and agents communicate on a call. 

Second, you can upload your own phone calls. We’ll use automatic speech recognition, speech analytics software, and AI-powered natural language processing to give you valuable information. 

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Analyze your own customer interactions

We don’t want you to rely on sample conversations alone. With the Tethr trial, you can upload a digital audio file of one of your calls to see what Tethr finds.

You can see how Tethr pinpoints moments in the conversation and if it detects any customer frustration all without teaching Tethr how to recognize any phrases. Tethr comes preloaded with millions of recognized phrases, so you don’t have to pull in your data science team to code anything.

Upload 100 or more of your contact center calls 

If you upload 100 or more calls, you’ll unlock our analytics dashboards, which will show you:

  • Call metrics like average handle time (AHT) and the top call categories detected 
  • Reasons for customer contacts and drivers of customer frustration
  • Customer sentiment analytics, broken down easily in the percentage of happy customers vs. unhappy customers  
  • Which issues cause difficulty for customers
  • Major CX issues
  • Customer scoring of your calls as a whole, indicating how difficult your customers experience was
  • Quality assurance metrics, such as if agents greet customers properly
  • The percentage of calls with specific positive agent behaviors and negative agent behaviors 

Learn how an intelligence workforce platform can transform your business 

Recognizing patterns can take more than a few calls. To really understand the total breadth of information Tethr provides, you would need to import a high percentage of your calls.  Improving customer service takes looking at both the big issues and the growing trends. 

Since our trial limits you to 1,000 calls, you can’t always get the big picture. That’s why we’ve also included complete dashboards for you to explore. 

In these sample dashboards, you’ll see things you unlock when you upgrade to a full Tethr subscription, including:

  • Company benchmarking: For every key metric, see how your company compares to industry averages and top performers
  • Agent performance: When you fully integrate with Tethr, you get data about your agent and team performance on a micro and macro level. 
  • All TethrRx Dashboards automatically populated with your data 

If you’re interested in moving from basic call tracking to a true AI-powered experience, sign up for our trial now. 

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