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Faster sales. Higher conversion rates. More repeat customers.

It’s all possible, with Tethr. Get better, faster, and more efficient sales with our unparalleled insights into customer conversations.

Track the metrics that really matter to your bottom line.

Thanks to the power of VoC analytics and machine learning, Tethr’s revenue intelligence tools analyze 100% of sales calls, 100% of the time. Know with absolute certainty exactly what agent behaviors drive conversions in sales calls.

Learn more about our research into sales behaviors

The guessing game is over. Tethr turns your sales into a science.

Focus your coaching strategy

Every sales call is broken down into a fully analyzed, transcribed, and searchable conversation, so that you can glean highly coachable insights from agent performance on every single call.

Understand agent performance

Do your sales reps disqualify quickly? Are they converting shoppers into buyers? Do they actually ask for the sale at the end of the call? Easily discover this and more from within your sales conversations.

Improve conversion rates

Boost low performers into average territory—and turn average performers into high performing rockstars—by identifying the agent behavior that correlates with higher conversion rates… and coaching accordingly.

Pitch more effectively

Stop guessing at the best ways to sell to your customers. Find out what sales pitches actually result in the best conversion rates and make that pitch the default organization-wide.

“Going into 2021, this is exactly what our team needs. Let’s hand them coaching guides and dashboards as soon as possible and begin coaching on these behaviors.” Sales Leader, Consumer Services

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