Sales and Marketing

Supercharge the enterprise with revenue-generating insights.

Tethr provides insights—with a zoom lens from enterprise to agent—as to what drives your sales conversion, improves your share of wallet and avoids customer disloyalty.

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Voice-of-Customer insights that produce measurable results

Improve conversion

Correlate improved sales conversion to sales rep behavior with precision. Get a full view of how offer content is delivered, the timing and frequency of what is actually said, and the proficiency of objection handling.

Promoter or detractor?

Correlate positive or negative movement in NPS to the behaviors that underpin customer experience and ultimately, your incentive compensation.

Offer effectiveness

Learn why your offers work (or don’t) and why. Specifically, uncover what’s creating high effort for your clients and fueling disloyalty.

Strategy enablement

Whether it be white glove service or self-service, acquire the insights necessary to fine-tune your customer experience to ultimately realize your brand promise.

Getting started with Tethr is easy


Proven engagement model

  • We work with you to set focal points for measurable results
  • Our analysts embed with your team to drive success
  • Tethr plugs into your existing technology infrastructure - no rip and replace
  • Through our libraries and playbooks, we tune Tethr to your business

Partner with your advisors

  • Leverage decades of human intelligence and research from trusted advisors, built into Tethr
  • Surface insights that help you pinpoint and prioritize customer issues
  • Implement tailored insight libraries to drive out-of-the-box value
  • Establish a sustainable coaching model for your team

Enable sustainable value

  • Move the voice of the customer to the center of the enterprise
  • Use Tethr’s AI-enabled insights and playbooks to transform your processes
  • Deliver meaningful insights that lead to lasting change and increase business performance
  • Leverage customer insights to enable ongoing digital transformation
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TruGreen partners with Tethr to turn sales team into superstarts


Solutions for the entire enterprise

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