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Tethr has integrated with the industry’s most popular systems, ensuring simple and streamlined on-boarding and sharing of insights throughout your organization

Our partners

In keeping with Tethr’s brand promise, the Tethr platform easily captures customer phone and chat conversations through secure connections with carriers, contact center platforms, chat and recording systems. The Tethr platform shares structured insights with downstream systems including CRM, BI and CX platforms. Some of Tethr’s integration partners are listed below. Looking for something specific? Let us know!

  • AT&T

Connecting Tethr’s conversation intelligence platform to the entire enterprise


The platforms that you know and trust

With Tethr's open API and out-of-the-box integrations with the industry’s most popular systems, Tethr streamlines the on-boarding experience with enterprise-class security and privacy.

Secure, simple integration

Tethr securely consumes conversational data through cloud-based API integration, a simple upload process, on-premise recording or directly from the network, providing flexible options and a quick start.

Share insights with your favorite tools

Sync and share insights with all your favorite data management tools, including Qualtrics, Salesforce, Tableau, and so many more—fueling collaboration and enterprise-wide value for your entire team.

Integrate with Tethr

Tethr works with industry leaders to forge strong enablement, insight, and consulting partnerships. Enablement partners include premise and cloud contact center platforms, telephony carriers and recording vendors who leverage Tethr to unlock the value that exists within the audio captured by their systems.

Insight partners include CRM, BI, CFM and RPA/chatbot vendors who consume Tethr insights to correlate with other data and/or use in powering their platforms.

Consulting partners include Global SIs, CX/digital transformation consultants and BPOs who leverage Tethr insights to drive business value for customers.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, or if you’re looking for an integration to help implement Tethr for your business, contact us!

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