Tethr and Red Box announce strategic partnership

Dean Cruse

June 24, 2019

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Tethr and Red Box: We're thrilled to announce a new partnership with leading voice capture specialist Red Box! This partnership will help us accelerate and simplify the delivery of our conversation intelligence platform to market.  

Red Box reliably and securely captures high-quality audio from more than 55 telephony systems, old and new, allowing us to increase the breadth of capture capability and leverage high-quality audio within the Tethr platform for our customers’ analysis.

As part of the integration provided by the partnership, customer voice conversations captured on the Red Box platform are seamlessly ingested into the Tethr platform, transcribed and mined for business insights using our research-backed insights libraries for customer effort, loyalty, sales effectiveness and more.

“The work Tethr has done to surface insights from customer conversations is driving significant value for enterprises, enabling measurable improvements in overall customer experience," Richard Stevenson, Red Box CEO, said. "As part of our open API strategy, we are delighted to partner with Tethr to enable customers to leverage captured customer conversations from across the enterprise, giving organizations the ability to maximize the value of their voice channel.”

“Partnering with Red Box enables us to combine the rich voice data set from Red Box with our advanced, research-backed AI, to deliver insights from each and every customer interaction to the enterprise through the market’s easiest to use and most prescriptive conversation intelligence platform," Tethr CEO, Mike Mings, said.

About Red Box

Red Box is a leading dedicated voice specialist, empowering organizations to capture, secure and unlock the value of enterprise-wide voice. With the most open and connected platform, Red Box captures and transcribes voice communications from over 55 systems (legacy and new), across global enterprises and SMEs. Red Box customers retain complete data sovereignty and the company connects them to the broadest partner ecosystem to maximize the value of captured voice data. For more information visit www.redboxvoice.com.

About Tethr

Tethr envisions a world where every company listens and every customer is heard. Tethr is a cloud-based conversation intelligence platform that combines powerful AI, machine learning and more than a decade of customer experience and sales research to surface contextual insights from phone calls and other customer interactions. Customers are using Tethr to quickly, easily and accurately turn large amounts of unstructured voice of customer conversation data into insights that fuel smarter decisions and improved business performance, enabling them to become listening enterprises. For more information, visit tethr.com and follow Tethr on LinkedIn.

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