A platform truly built around the voice of the customer

Equip your entire enterprise with powerful insights from customer phone calls and chats.

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Tethr Platform

Seamless integrations

Tethr painlessly consumes conversational data from the network, cloud or premise; using enterprise-class design to ensure security and privacy.

Insights driven by AI

Easily train Tethr to think like you do. Tethr’s AI is like having thousands of customer experience experts listening to every call.

Scale on demand

Tethr’s cloud-first platform architecture provides a future-proof technical environment that can easily accommodate growth and change.

Accelerated results

Tethr’s industry starter kits and playbooks accelerate realization of improvements and provide a framework for continued improvement.

Artificial intelligence meets the best of human intelligence

Incredibly easy to train

Tethr’s interface makes it easy for your team to train the platform to analyze customer interactions like they do.

Automate and augment

Tethr’s machine learning and AI enable you to analyze every customer interaction as if a human were listening.

Trained by industry-leading research

Tethr harnesses the best of human intelligence to think like best-in-class research institutes. Now you have the power to deliver immediate insights and business intelligence to positively impact your entire enterprise.

An intuitive interface with intelligent features

Shared with your favorite CRM and BI tools

Tethr allows you to sync and share insights with all your favorite CRM, BI and CX management tools, including Qualtrics, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and so many more—fueling collaboration and enterprise-wide value for your entire team.


Best-in-class security

Tethr gives you complete data security utilizing industry best practices and enterprise grade encryption. Leveraging the power, scalability and security of Microsoft Azure, Tethr can scale on demand, ensuring flexible and reliable cloud computing.

https://tethr.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/pci_logo.png level 1 certified

Tethr’s AI-powered redaction takes the guesswork out of PCI compliance, rendering call recordings “out of scope” for all PCI compliance audits.

https://tethr.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/hitrust_logo.png certified

Tethr ensures compliance with a multitude of security, privacy and regulatory measures to keep your data safe. This includes globally recognized standards, regulations and requirements, including ISO, NIST, PCI, HIPAA and state laws.

Solutions for the entire enterprise

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