Glia and Tethr team up to enhance customer experience

Robert Beasley

November 1, 2022

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Resolve customer problems and improve customer experience when you use  Glia and Tethr together

Let’s admit it: sometimes, businesses make things harder than they should be. Customer support should be easy, but it’s sometimes the most frustrating thing about a company.

Tethr recognizes this – which is why we built our whole platform around identifying and removing customer effort. We’re not the only ones who see it that way.

Today, we’re launching a new partnership with a revolutionary platform called Glia. Glia reinvented how financial services serve and interact with their customers or members. They offer a seamless digital customer service experience that allows people to navigate easily between chat, screen sharing, video calls, and voice calls.

Why we’re excited to do business with Glia

Glia conducted extensive research into customer experience and used what they learned to shape their approach.

They found that 84% of customers are already on a screen when they reach out to support. So why force those customers to pick up the phone? Instead, they created a platform that meets customers where they are.

Some issues have more complexity, such as filling out a loan form. Glia’s platform allows customers to start a conversation via chat, but when needed, switch seamlessly to a live video call, voice, or a two-way browsing session that guides customers where they need to go.

Tethr’s analysis found that an average of 15 percent of calls to customer support are related to a website issue. The two-way browsing option provides a user-friendly way to guide customers.

The power of Tethr + Glia together

Glia works to resolve customer problems; Tethr works to improve customer experience. Together, they can drive the results that make major differences to overall customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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Reduce costs

Both Tethr and Glia work to reduce costs. Glia eliminates channel switching and disjointed customer service responses. Tether can use its Root Cause AI analysis to identify what issues drove long calls or repeated contacts, so you can make the business changes needed to prevent them.

Reduce churn

An easy customer interaction is a better one. With Glia’s all-in-one digital experience platform, customer issues get resolved easily. When those interactions go poorly, Tethr detects it and identifies the customer as more likely to churn. With those at-risk accounts identified, you can intervene to prevent losses.

Increase sales

Tethr also works with Glia to identify opportunities for added service or upsells. With its AI powered conversation analytics, Tethr can identify the probing questions,objection rebuttals, and special offers that lead to increased conversion rates.

Improve the customer experience

Glia users have easier access to customer service help and access it on the digital channel that’s easiest for them. When Tethr measures those interactions, you can identify points of friction and confusion in your service experience–then eliminate them

Optimize agent performance

Glia gives your agents a way to meet customer needs however those customers choose to connect with you. With Tethr, you can discover opportunities to coach your team to increase positive agent behavior.

Tethr scores each interaction with its Tethr Effort Index, which is based on dozens of different metrics. It measures how easy or difficult each interaction was for your customers. It also provides an agent score to show how well your team member addressed customer issues and if they used positive behaviors.

What changes do you need to improve your customer experience?

When working together, Tethr and Glia can reshape your customer’s journey.

With Glia’s full suite of digital support options, you can meet customer needs however they want to interact with you. When you add Tethr into the mix, those conversations also will deliver intelligence that you can use to reshape your business.

Want to see how Glia and Tethr work together? Download our guide to using Glia and Tethr together  or schedule a demo with one of our product experts.

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