Tethr product updates October 2021: Introducing heatmapping for CX, sales, and beyond!

Steve Trier

November 2, 2021

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Welcome to the Tethr updates for October 2021! You know that feeling when you’ve built the perfect report, with all the data in place, but it just doesn’t look quite right? Maybe you wish the contrast between negative and positive attributes were a little clearer, or that the data was easier to scan at a glance. 

Never fear! We’re on it. This month’s update centers entirely on conditional formatting, better known as heatmapping. This new feature gives users the control to highlight their data, in order to ensure that the audience will quickly and easily see what’s important. 

Let’s take a look at how it works in this breakdown of the Tethr October 2021 updates:

What is heatmapping? 

Heatmapping is the process of using conditional formatting within Tethr to visually emphasize the data that’s most important to you. Easily change text and graph colors to reflect success or need for improvement at a glance. We’ve worked hard to find the right balance between click-and-go and making sure you can edit elements to suit your needs. 

In a hurry? With just a few simple clicks you can add conditional formatting to any table, scorecard, list graph, or single value graph. Want to fine-tune? The simple and intuitive interface allows users to apply a custom label, designate the ranges & colors, and choose to target values or percentages.

Heatmapping for coaching opportunities

How can heatmapping work for me? 

Heatmapping is an incredibly multi-purpose tool that can be applied to a wide range of verticals, including the following: 

  • Sales: Sales leaders can use heatmapping to help their team quickly see what is getting in the way of achieving sales goals, or to highlight the reps that are going above and beyond. 
  • Customer experience: CX leaders can use heatmapping to see where their customers are gliding their way along in an effortless journey, or to highlight friction drivers that could hamper loyalty. 
  • Contact center: Contact center leaders can use heatmapping to see which agents are delivering the optimal customer experience, or where they are hitting walls that may harm the customer experience. Plus, heatmapping visualization makes it easy to deliver a snapshot of the day's operations to other company leadership—including performance on Talk Time, Transfer Rates, Holds, Escalations, and more. 
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Heatmapping in sales

If you’re a Tethr customer and looking to learn more about implementing heatmapping in your dashboards, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Tethr representative today. 

These are the latest Tethr updates for October 2021! Check in again with us in November to see what’s up next.

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