Tethr product updates January 2022: Integrating external data for deeper insights

Carl Schultze

February 18, 2022

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It’s that time of the month again… Time for the January 2022 Tethr updates! 

Now that the holiday season is (long) behind us, and we’ve all buckled down in serious work mode again, it’s time to take a look at one of the new product releases. We’re excited to share the improvements in our ability to integrate external data in the Tethr platform. This is a capability we’ve had stashed in our pocket for a long time, but we’ve simply made it easier to access and use.

So, what does that mean for you?

More contextual insights

We’ve made it even easier to integrate external CRM data, survey results, agent notes, and more into Tethr. For example, when reviewing an interaction, in addition to the insights Tethr already provides, you can now easily reference the survey a customer filled out related to that conversation, quickly see if a sale was completed by referencing CRM data, or review agent notes. This is a significant enhancement that enables you to glean deeper insights into the supporting materials of a call, right alongside a call transcript. 

Improved reporting and structured insights

Just because a call or chat ended, does not always mean it’s the end of that interaction or experience. Customers fill out surveys after those interactions based on their experience with your brand. Agents can also leave notes to summarize what happened. Ever wanted to search and report on specific comments left in a survey or notes left by an agent? Good news: Now you can!

Just like how Tethr can structure insights based on events in transcripts, chats, and cases, we can now build those same insights for multiple types of external data, delivering even more powerful reporting capabilities. 

You can now automate actions and mine insights from the following sources:

  • Call, chat, and case data
  • Survey results
  • Agent notes
  • CRM or any other data that isn’t captured on the interaction
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Utilizing additional insights

While the ways in which you can utilize additional insights are nearly limitless, here are a few standout examples we’ve seen work well.

  1. Add agent tenure. If you add agent tenure to Tethr, you can evaluate the agent's ability to deliver a high-quality low effort experience based on tenure when you build out reports. In this scenario, you can easily see within Tethr when a new agent is struggling to get up to speed, or when an existing agent is holding onto an old habit. 
  2. Build reports by scores. Build a report by score to find trends for service or customer journey failures. By doing so, you can easily identify the agents' behaviors that influence the customer's decision to either promote you or not.
  3. Add the customer’s IVR selections. Are the customers' selections actually getting them to the right agents? Was this really the reason they called? Building a report using Tethr data and the IRV data together helps highlight areas of optimization for your IVR, ensuring you get customers to the right agents the first time.

And of course, the above use cases are just the beginning. The sky’s the limit when it comes to deriving insights from external data!

See more of the customer journey through a single view

If you’re anything like us, having to open multiple platforms to piece together a story is never fun. With the recent updates, Tethr lets you easily reference multiple points of data from multiple systems, all in a single view. You really can get a better picture of the customer experience or customer journey when all that context hangs out in one place. 

Thanks for tuning in! That’s what we’ve got for you this month—but watch this space. Our engineering team has been hard at work, and there’s so much to share with you all this year. So make sure to keep an eye out for more updates as the year progresses! 

Want to learn more about integrating external data into your customer conversations with Tethr? Request a demo today to see this feature and more in action. 

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