Tethr product updates August 2021: New dashboard sections, brighter colors, and more!

Carl Schultze

August 26, 2021

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Welcome to the monthly product update blog, where we’ll cover the latest and greatest updates to the Tethr platform. For current customers, enjoy this quick overview of the changes you can expect to see inside of Tethr. For future customers (and curious onlookers), enjoy this sneak peek into the inner workings of Tethr’s AI-powered conversation analytics machine. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Tethr product updates for August 2021:

Tethr product updates for August 2021 dashboard

Dashboard sections

If you’re an organization fiend, this one’s for you. We’ve made it easier to see what’s important at a glance with new dashboard sections. You can now add sections to your dashboards inside of Tethr, to help you sort, organize, and analyze all that important information. Separate your dashboards with sections dedicated to top-level data, channel-specific metrics, and so much more. 

Text tiles 

Want to take notes as you review and analyze your data? Now you can! We’ve added text tiles to dashboards, so that you can add notes, provide context, and even remind reps of company goals. This is a great asset for coaches, managers, and leaders alike. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your team's ability to take action on insights. 

Tethr product updates for August 2021 colors

Color updates for reports 

When it comes to reports, we’ve added a splash of color! While aesthetically more pleasing, these color updates for reports also provide better contrast—making it easier to spot insights with a single glance. And if you’re inside the platform for hours on a regular basis, these vibrant colors will improve readability for those hard-working eyes. 

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Color updates for graphs

But wait, there’s more! You can now specify colors to individual parts of your graphs. Need to highlight certain data points? Emphasize individual performance? Call out a particular outcome? With color updates for graphs, you can easily visually call out what’s important on every graph. This update is great for coaches looking to highlight areas of improvement or achievement. 

Tethr product updates for August 2021 bins

Custom bins and lines

Need to independently graph multiple subsets and conditions all within the same report? With custom bins, the power is yours. Sales and support teams can now add custom bins for each condition they need to explore and easily compare team performance. Track advocacy usage, greeting usage, and so much more, all with separate graphs in the same report. Plus, an update to custom lines gives you the ability to add custom lines over any custom bin—as well as giving you more control over lines, colors, and patterns. 

And that’s all folks. These are the latest Tethr product updates for August 2021; stay tuned for more next month as we continue this series. Never miss another feature rollout again!

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