Our top ten blogs of 2020

Abigail Sims

December 29, 2020

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We’ve covered a lot of ground this year, and so have you, dear readers. Between COVID-19 and the transition to remote work, it’s been clear that priorities have shifted across the board, and we’ve all responded accordingly. New challenges have arisen, new needs pressed, and new solutions have emerged to conquer those needs and challenges. 

As we enter a new year, let’s take a moment to look back on our “greatest hits”, if you will, and review what our readers valued most during this year of challenge. 

Here are our top ten blogs of 2020:

10. Make QA Matter: Introducing Tethr’s Agent Impact Score (AIS)

This year, we introduced the Agent Impact Score (AIS), a new way to measure the criteria that will make a difference to your company’s performance. Stop guessing your way through quality assurance (QA), and start making changes that matter with AIS. 

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9. J.D. Power and Tethr collaborate to fuel customer experience insights

Any list of our top ten blogs would be incomplete without mention of our partnership with J.D. Power this year. Together, Tethr and J.D. Power launched the Conversation Analyzer, a diagnostic tool that combines J.D. Power’s industry data with the voice of customer insights from Tethr.

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8. A complete guide to the Agent Impact Score (AIS)

With the addition of our AIS score this year, you know we had to do a thorough breakdown of what it is and how it works! In this complete guide, we discuss how to harness AIS to improve the customer experience (CX) in your call centers. 

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7. QA measures customers actually care about

So, you’ve got your insights through the Tethr Effort Index (TEI) or perhaps the AIS. Now, what comes next? Coming in at #7 on our "top ten blogs" list, this blog discusses what metrics to look at in order to take real actions that create real high-value business outcomes.

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6. Powering the modern listening enterprise with Qualtrics and Tethr

While there’s a lot of great written resources available on this list, we’re not just writers around here. This highly-frequented blog is actually a quick video by Tethr’s Chief Product and Research Officer, Matt Dixon, discussing how Qualtrics Voice iQ, powered by Tethr, can power your “listening enterprise”. 

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5. The limitations of using text analytics to analyze conversations

What’s the real difference between traditional text analytics tools and serious conversation analytics tools like Tethr? Our SVP of Product, Ted McKenna, breaks down exactly how much further conversation analytics can go for your business and your customers. 

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4. Make sense of repeat contacts once and for all

Customers keep calling back with the same problems, or new ones? Not sure why? Get to the heart of the matter with Tethr’s proactive agent monitoring tools and call analyses.  

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3. Between a rock and a hard place: Navigating customer service during COVID-19

We all struggled this year, and customer service representatives in support channels at every company were hit harder than ever with all those trickle-down problems. In this blog, early in the pandemic, we discussed possible data-backed solutions for service leaders to make it through the ongoing crisis. 

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2. The anatomy of an effortless customer interaction

In a highly-charged world like our current one, a single unfortunate interaction with a company can set off a storm of negative interactions and attention. In a world like this, what does an effortless interaction even look like? And how can we get better at them? We take a deep dive into these issues and more in this in-depth look at effortless customer interactions. 

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And finally (drumroll, please!), the most popular of the top ten blogs of 2020...

1. Are your sales pitches really working? Improve your close rate using Tethr

Our most popular blog this year was a short demo video by Tethr Customer Success Manager Amanda Lucio. In this video, she explains how Tethr helps organizations optimize pitch effectiveness and boost sales. That’s right: Tethr can do more than just optimize your call center and help you retain customers. We’re also a powerful platform for optimizing your sales process. 

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