Voice of the customer tools: Introducing artificial intelligence

Ashley Sava

February 20, 2020

The genuine voice of your customers should be the center of your strategy. AI-powered speech analytics deliver valuable insights so that organizations can observe solid results across the enterprise. This makes for happy customers, employees, shareholders and leaders. When your team is considering voice of the customer tools, one powered by artificial intelligence should be at the top of your list.

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Here's why AI-powered voice of the customer tools are the future:

What is VoC and why does it matter?

Voice of the customer (VoC) refers to a collection of customer commentary regarding their desires, needs and expectations from a company’s products or services. VoC efforts take multichannel feedback and transform it into meaningful improvements that enhance the customer experience. In turn, customers sit at the center of product development, exactly where they belong. 

While VoC programs have rapidly grown in the past few years as businesses have realized the value of focusing on the customer experience, the programs typically don’t involve listening to the customers’ actual voices in the recorded conversations they have with contact center reps. Effective voice of the customer programs give you the power to engage with customers during key points of the customer journey.  AI-powered speech analytics produce an abundance of actionable insights that upgrade business performance across all parts of the enterprise. 

The AI-powered difference

Organizations are battling the issue of gathering gobs of customer data that they are unable to derive actionable, meaningful insights from. Consider the data in two categories, non-insightful data (something that you were already aware was a problem) and insightful data (anything you didn’t already know). Insights are discoveries that confirm your predictions, contradict your suspicions or reiterate the challenges. An actionable insight results in the need for a change that your organization should take action on, or a reassurance backed by data that no action is required. 

Tethr consumes conversational data from the network, cloud or premise; using enterprise-class design to ensure security and privacy. Unlike other competing platforms, organizations who use Tethr don't need to hire data scientists or invest in expensive professional services support. Tethr’s pre-configured dashboards help leaders immediately zero-in on the best opportunities for driving transformation.

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Voice of the customer tools: AI = insights

AI-powered speech platforms like Tethr can analyze every contact from every channel (phone, chat, email, etc.), pinpoint areas of customer effort and praise and deliver the results into actionable insights directly to your dashboard. Tethr comes standard with hundreds of pre-built insight categories based on more than a decade of service, sales and CX research. No longer must organizations sift through a sea of data, wondering where in the world they should begin. Think of Tethr as a VIP ticket into your customers’ innermost thoughts about their journey with your products or services—no pesky post-call surveys required. Start closing the gap between your customers’ expectations about their experiences with your products and services, and their actual experiences. 

Check out our guide on how AI-powered voice of the customer tools help boost customer experience, diminish churn, improve sales conversion, better understand your competitors and refine your products and services.

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