How customer listening gives your business a competitive edge

Ashley Sava

August 28, 2020

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Lead with insights, not assumptions. A business leading with their own assumptions about customer needs will never win out against a company that leads with an open mind, looking for actual insights. Invest in the ability to listen to your customers or they will invest in someone else. The fact is, that customer listening is the key to a competitive edge.

Forget everything you think you know

Do you assume you know what’s in the best interest of all of your customers? Let your preconceived notions go. Instead, use the conversations and interactions you’re having every day with current and potential customers to guide the way.

How can you do that? Start using an AI-based conversation intelligence platform. Tethr helps companies mine voice data for insights. Learn how customers want to be served and sold to, the types of products and benefits they want and what features and services they were missing from previous vendors. Stop guessing and start listening.

Don’t dilly-dally. Take action!

It’s quite likely the findings you gather aren’t going to align with your original assumptions. But by disregarding contradictory customer data, companies are at risk of failing to deliver the customer-centric experiences they need to survive. Justifying the status quo to keep your original plans going is counterproductive. Allow the insights to lead the way—regardless of the uncharted territory on the horizon. Leveraging data to transform the customer experience is the difference between a brand that makes it and a brand that is always a few steps behind the competition. 

You might find your customers aren’t using your products the way you imagined they would. With customer listening, you might find that your customers aren’t who you thought they were at all. That’s okay. Never ignore insights to appease your organization’s ego, though.

Work out the motives behind the conversations

Every business wants to figure out why some customers have positive experiences and others don’t. Companies want their customers to have low-effort experiences so they remain loyal. Learn what your best-sellers are saying to drive higher sales, what customers are saying about competitors, and if a customer is on the edge of churning just by listening to the conversations that are already taking place every day.

Customer listening for business insights

AI-powered analytics tools take conversation data points and transform them into business recommendations. Learning to facilitate AI to iterate and reiterate processes using data means retraining the team’s psyche to start searching for unexplored solutions. AI platforms like Tethr allow the everyday practitioner to gather actionable insights based on customer interactions. Secure an unadulterated understanding of the customer journey using AI. 

AI-enabled customer journey analytics can sift through an endlessly complex data space, uncovering business opportunities organizations never even imagined were out there. With a powerful AI tool at your disposal, prioritizing these insights can take precedent. Move-in on your competitors by taking listening to the next level in your organization.

Learn how Tethr can turn your company into a listening enterprise now!

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