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CX leaders must measure Effort: Here’s how

If you think that Customer Effort only measures “how much,” you will be pleasantly surprised to find that that’s only scraping the surface of the customer experience insights you can uncover. 

We spoke with Forrester analyst Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian to find out what she’s learned regarding Effort’s impact on the customer experience. Although measuring Effort can yield significant improvements in CX, most companies are still relying on post-call surveys as their primary Effort measurement tool, rather than taking advantage of advanced analytics approaches for stronger and more actionable results. 

Check out our Q&A with Schmidt-Subramanian to get the answers to questions such as why CX leaders should measure Customer Effort, how asking customers to rate their Effort level can be misleading, why surveys are becoming ineffective measurement tools for Effort and what CX leaders can do to collect more accurate Effort data. 

All CX leaders who are ready to discuss the future of customer effort measurement and how to utilize predictive analytics like the Tethr Effort Index should review this insightful Q&A. Discover how to eliminate sources of customer effort that lead to churn and find better ways to drive more actionable insights into the customer experience. 

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