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Measuring Customer Effort : The Tethr Effort Index

In addition to relying on classic metrics like the Customer Effort Score for measuring sources of customer friction, CX leaders can now use advanced AI and machine learning to listen for Effort—without using surveys.

This approach drives faster, more accurate and more reliable insights into the customer experience that can save at-risk customers and spotlight critical business transformation opportunities.

In this on-demand webinar, Matt Dixon, Tethr’s Chief Product & Research Officer (and co-author of The Effortless Experience), Ted McKenna, Tethr’s VP Insights Product Strategy, and Lauren Pragoff, head of Effortless Solutions at Challenger, Inc. (and a principal contributor to The Effortless Experience) showcase the world’s first study of customer effort using true conversational data.


Learn about the fascinating results we’ve seen as we’ve started to use Tethr’s new Tethr Effort Index (TEI) to study Customer Effort at a far deeper level than has ever been possible before.

Start applying actionable insights from the Tethr Effort Index to your organization today.