Are you listening to your customers?

Steve Trier

February 20, 2018

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Are you listening to your customers? Listening is the first step to creating change. For your business, “change” can take on many forms, such as increased revenue, increased brand loyalty, reduced calls to your contact center, regulatory compliance and reduced costs.Mark Cuban, billionaire investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, once said, “Your customers can tell you the things that are broken and how they want to be made happy. Listen to them. Make them happy.” At Tethr, our root purpose is to help companies do a better job at listening to what their customers are saying over phone calls and turn calls into insights that inform real change.Most companies are only able to review less than 1 percent of customer calls to contact centers. Moreover, companies rely far too heavily on outdated, costly and biased surveys to garner feedback from their customers. The overwhelming majority of surveys generate two types of feedback: praise from the customers who love your brand and disappointment from the customers who don’t. You shouldn’t make enterprise-wide decisions across the organization with feedback from the polar ends of your customer satisfaction curve.This is where Tethr’s listening platform comes in. A high-tech manufacturer learned that 24 percent of their customers were being asked for their product number more than four times times during a customer service call. As a result, this increased handle time and cost of service, created a negative customer experience and reduced brand loyalty. Once these insights were generated, they were able to make changes to the IVR and transfer processes to create a better experience for their customers, reducing customer effort and call center expenses.

You are sitting on a gold mine of information….are you listening to your customers?

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