A Seat at the Table: Moving Contact Center Intelligence to the C-Suite

Tethr Marketing

January 25, 2017

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Did you know that more than 70 percent of customer interaction occurs via phone? More than 420 BILLION words are spoken via voice conversations each day between businesses and customers. Pretty astounding, isn’t it? What’s even MORE astounding is that these conversations are very rarely discussed in the board room. Customers are saying great things and bad things about your company. They are telling you exactly what they think of your brand, of your products, of your services and your people. Those conversations can explain why sales are down and customer churn is up. Yet, most executives have very little insight into this invaluable dataset. That's why we believe it's time to start moving contact center intelligence to the c-suite.

The answers to many of your questions reside in those phone calls. But, how do you quickly extract the gold from this “dark data” and derive insights from the true voice of the customer AND the voice of your company — information needed to deliver an expected brand experience and positively impact your company’s bottom line?

At Tethr, we have the honor of helping contact center leaders leverage insights from customer calls to make a positive impact on customer experience and loyalty and, ultimately, deliver critical decision-making insights into the C-Suite.

Amazing things happen when you put artificial intelligence (AI) to work for you, to analyze every phone conversation, and to provide company leadership with actionable, searchable insights based on the actual voice of the customer.We’ve enabled companies to reduce services costs by millions of dollars simply by identifying areas of agent protocol that drive costs, and providing agent-specific training for those who needed it the most.

We’ve worked with organizations to use AI to discover which agents are most effective, to determine what they’re saying to convert prospects to customers, and to give managers the ability to help other agents replicate this positive behavior.

Now, THAT’S the kind of results that’ll elevate your visibility with the C-Suite!

Are you ready to start moving contact center intelligence to the c-suite? Let’s get started!

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