Tethr upholding a culture of action in aftermath of Floyd tragedy

Ashley Sava

Three weeks ago, Tethr announced its intentions to unlearn racism as a company and to make space for the conversations surrounding the George Floyd tragedy and the systemic racism in our country. The work didn’t stop after publicly denouncing racism and declaring our support of the Black Community, though. Rather, our leadership introduced initiatives to take action.

To start, team members and leaders shared anti-racism resources, books and videos from leaders and educators to support our learning and our unlearning. Allyship guidelines, petitions to sign and organizations to donate to were all part of our journey to listen, to learn and to act. One team member started a book club so any Tethr employee who was interested in in-depth conversations and learnings about anti-racism could join.

Our leadership then suggested that it was time to individually respond to what we have heard and are processing. In order to facilitate our ability to act on what we’ve learned, Tethr employees were encouraged to volunteer in the causes they believe in inside the communities they live in. 

Inside every community is the opportunity to contribute time and money to support families, men, women and children who are struggling. However, many of these volunteer opportunities call for assistance during traditional business hours. Last week, we piloted a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program to support employee’s desire to make an immediate impact in their communities, and as a means of evaluating VTO as a permanent program at Tethr. The idea is to bring positive change to the employees’ respective communities.

A matching contribution program was also launched. Any Tethr staff member who donates up to $250 to a qualifying nonprofit will have their donation matched by Tethr thanks to an anonymous donor’s $5 thousand grant.

All program participants will deliver a summary to the team about the organizations supported, their mission and how they contributed to the cause at the conclusion of the program. 

Tethr supports a culture where all of its members feel appreciated, included and heard.