Unleash EPS-impacting value across the enterprise.

For pennies on the dollar, we're your 24/7 eyes and ears. No capital requirements, overall 5-15X ROI, non-mission critical and can be implemented in weeks. Meet Tethr, your perfect investment.

Actionable insights that produce measurable results

Cost control

Tethr solves a decades-old problem by rapidly driving waste out of the customer experience value-chain by allowing you to see what you have never heard.

Churn and growth

Correlate known outcomes impacting top-line growth to the specific behaviors present - or absent - in your customer interactions.

Operational transparency

Ensure you don’t end up on the front page, levied with a huge fine and decreased brand and market value. Tethr uncovers blind spots to cultural deterioration that impact employees and customers.

Getting started with Tethr is easy


Proven engagement model

  • We work with you to set focal points for measurable results
  • Our analysts embed with your team to drive success
  • Tethr plugs into your existing technology infrastructure - no rip and replace
  • Through our libraries and playbooks, we tune Tethr to your business

Partner with your advisors

  • Leverage decades of human intelligence and research from trusted advisors, built into Tethr
  • Surface insights that help you pinpoint and prioritize customer issues
  • Implement tailored insight libraries to drive out-of-the-box value
  • Establish a sustainable coaching model for your team

Enable sustainable value

  • Unleash EPS-impacting value across the enterprise
  • Use Tethr’s AI-enabled insights and playbooks to transform your processes
  • Deliver meaningful insights that lead to lasting change and increase business performance
  • Leverage customer insights to enable ongoing digital transformation
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The most innovative solution to compliance’s toughest problem

Tethr's cloud-based platform makes client data even more secure with automatic redaction of both audio and transcript content, completely eliminating the information.


Solutions for the entire enterprise

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