Effort Reduction

Invest in a low-effort customer experience.

Instantly improve every stage of the customer experience by identifying and reducing customer effort.

What is customer effort… and why does it matter?

Customer effort is the work required for a customer to do business with your company. Common effort drivers include repeat contacts, channel-switching, transfers, and repeating information.

Measuring and minimizing customer effort leads to a quantifiable increase in customer loyalty, reduced cost of service, and more.

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The case for a low-effort customer experience

Here at Tethr, there’s a reason we hang our hat on the research from The Effortless Experience.

  1. Minimize customer disloyalty

    Only 9% of customers with low-effort experiences display any sort of disloyalty, compared to 96% of customers who have high-effort experiences.

  2. Reduce cost of service

    Low-effort experiences are nearly 40% cheaper to deliver than high-effort experiences.

  3. Increase customer spend

    A low-effort customer experience results in customers 94% more likely to repurchase, and 88% more likely to increase their spend with that brand.

Reducing customer effort with Tethr

We’ve developed the Tethr Effort Index (TEI), the market’s only machine-learning based customer effort score that identifies which customer interactions are high or low-effort. Get scores on every call, chat, and case, in order to learn where effort occurs and what you can do about it.

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“Tethr will not only help us focus on our needs at the contact center, but it will help us focus and uncover the needs of the organization overall.” Training, Consumer Services

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