Reducing Customer Effort

Make your customer experience feel easy and drive greater customer loyalty with Tethr.

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What is Customer Effort and why does it matter?

Leading Customer Experience and Service teams use Tethr to measure customer effort and friction – powered by the industry's only native effort algorithm in an AI-based conversation intelligence platform – to minimize customer disloyalty, increase share-of-wallet and reduce cost of service.

How Tethr reduces effort

Measure Effort through its many lenses

Quickly diagnose your biggest Customer Effort drivers using composite metrics that bundle the most important questions into discrete buckets. Designed and researched by the co-author of bestselling books The Effortless Experience and The Challenger Sale, Tethr offers hundreds of out-of-the box measures making it easier than ever to mine customer interactions for sources of Customer Effort.

Hundreds of reports, broken down into these areas:

Overall Customer Effort

Customer sentiment

Call effort

Self-service effort

Rep-related effort

Non-service effort

Identify specific drivers causing frustration and perceived Customer Effort

Deepen understanding of effort drivers and aim sustainable fixes at the right places.

Tethr Effort Index

Score each interaction to reflect perceived Customer Effort. TEI is an AI-derived metric, measuring the effort for each customer interaction based on more than 100 independent variables and thousands of discrete phrases and utterances.


Gauge performance relative to high and low performing peer companies, helping prioritize improvement opportunities and contextualize development progress.

Conditional Categories

Test sequences and timing to isolate effort drivers with Conditional Categories. Identify where customers associate specific products or service features with validated phrases representing frustration, confusion or other known sources of Customer Effort.

Advanced analytics

Ship Tethr-structured data downstream to CRM, CFM and other data analysis tools. Combine conversational insights with other sources of customer feedback to inform churn, sales conversion and other loyalty models, fueling collaboration and enterprise-wide value for your entire team.

Help the entire organization hear and understand what drives unnecessary Customer Effort

Searchable insights

Searchable voice of the customer insights, filtered by team or region, informs all stakeholders from frontline managers all the way up to your most senior decision makers.

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Increased visibility

Marketing and product leaders gain key visibility into how customers feel about products, services and experiences.

Frictionless journeys

Isolate specific sentiments or organizational behaviors that drive unnecessarily difficult customer experiences.

Track improvement

In both absolute and relative terms – to set strategic priorities, inform resource allocation and provide direction to leadership throughout the organization.

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