Customer Experience

Your guide to the customer journey.

In today’s business world, your customer’s journey travels across multiple conversations and channels. Get the data you need for a better customer experience with end-to-end CX intelligence. 

Don’t tackle CX alone! Let Tethr lead the way.

We’ve simplified the customer experience into a single number, the Tethr Effort Index (TEI), making it possible to track, action, and analyze CX data across your organization.

  • Reduce customer effort
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Go beyond post-call surveys
  • Minimize churn

Stop putting out fires.
Start anticipating customer needs.

Track sentiment

Three smiley faces not cutting it? Tethr uses complex syntax analysis to deliver a score that accurately tracks customer sentiment.

Address churn

Our TEI score provides an indication of future potential churn on each interaction. Armed with this information, find what’s causing customer churn—and fix it.

Reduce reliance on surveys

Learn what your customers really think by moving beyond the survey. Tethr analyzes 100% of your customer interactions—including survey data—and provides coachable insights based on comprehensive analysis.

Invest in low effort interactions

Research shows that a low-effort customer experience results in customers that are 94% more likely to repurchase. Take your CX strategy further by identifying and addressing high-effort areas in your customer journey with Tethr.

“This is the best tool I’ve worked with for call analytics. Tethr is the eyes and essentially the ears of our organization.” Sales Leader, Consumer Services

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