Customer Care

Supercharge the enterprise with insights that increase loyalty and reduce costs.

Imagine a world where customer calls are valued vs. despised. Use Tethr to transform the contact center into an insights center and drive operational excellence, agility and business relevance.

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Solve customer issues faster, better train agents, and decrease call volumes—all resulting in happier, more loyal customers

Automate & augment QA

Surface real coaching opportunities automatically so you don’t have to spend hours listening through calls. Zero in on issues right when they happen and coach on-the-spot, turning frustrated agents into happy performers.

Effortless on demand

Improve customer loyalty, identify what's driving effort and correct broken behaviors and processes. Tethr will detect in exactly which situations your customers have high effort experiences, so you can train your agents to avoid them in the future.

Sustainable transformation

Drive sustainable change by understanding customer issues, why and whether they matter. Customize your training efforts based on critical issues, who needs it and if it will move the needle.

Gain relevance

Move your organization from a cost center to the boardroom. Uncover insights that have a true economic impact to the business well beyond the total budget of the contact center.

Getting started with Tethr is easy


Proven engagement model

  • We work with you to set focal points for measurable results
  • Our analysts embed with your team to drive success
  • Tethr plugs into your existing technology infrastructure - no rip and replace
  • Through our libraries and playbooks, we tune Tethr to your business

Partner with your advisors

  • Leverage decades of human intelligence and research from trusted advisors, built into Tethr
  • Surface insights that help you pinpoint and prioritize customer issues
  • Implement tailored insight libraries to drive out-of-the-box value
  • Establish a sustainable coaching model for your team

Enable sustainable value

  • Evolve beyond the cost center – increase the business relevance of your organization
  • Use Tethr’s AI-enabled insights and playbooks to transform your processes
  • Deliver meaningful insights that lead to lasting change and increase business performance
  • Leverage customer insights to enable ongoing digital transformation
Customer Success Story

Using insights from Tethr, BCU listens to member owners like never before


Solutions for the entire enterprise

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