Customer Care

Build lasting customer loyalty.

Access every customer interaction with Tethr, and quickly identify what matters—and what doesn’t—to improve successful issue resolution.

Identify your best & worst conversations

Go deeper with Tethr’s conversational insights. By identifying areas of greatest friction through our surfaced data, you’ll be able to start solving customer problems before they fester, saving time, money, and effort… for you and your customer.

Learn more about the benefits of low-effort interactions

Listening = Loyalty
It’s the future of customer care.

Coachable insights

Zero in on issues right when they happen with Tethr’s laser-focused scoring, and coach reps with context-rich situational insights. Then, use dashboards to watch call scores and keep an eye on ongoing performance.

Less effort, more loyalty

Customer effort is often the culprit behind customer churn. Reduce churn and build loyalty at the same time by identifying and eliminating areas of effort in your contact center.

First call resolution

In a world where 84% of your customers want their problems solved the first time they contact you, it’s essential to ensure your team is up to the task. Tethr’s insights empower your team, and get you one step closer to first call resolution with every customer.

Automate QA

Upgrade your call center with automation based on the metrics that matter, and learn what your customers really need with our listening tools. Build your digital transformation on a solid foundation of real VoC data.

“Tethr can not only be useful in the moment to gather data and surface trends, but also to prepare for coaching sessions in the future. Before we started using Tethr, it took me 30 minutes to prepare for one coaching session. Now I can repurpose that 30 minutes to prepare for several coaching sessions and make each one better. Sales Market Leader, Insurance

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