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Tethr works with industry leaders to forge strong enablement, insight, and consulting partnerships.

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Our premier experience management partner:

Qualtrics is the world’s leading customer experience management platform, and we’re proud to partner with them to create better CX for customers worldwide.

Our premier research and insights partner:

J.D. Power is a global leader in consumer insights, advisory services, data, and analytics. Together, J.D. Power and Tethr created the Conversation Analyzer, a diagnostic that uncovers insights hidden within customer service interactions.

Our premier CRM partner:

Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. We surface valuable insights from customer conversations via voice and chat analytics, and sync that data directly to Salesforce’s powerful platform.

Our premier sales and service coaching partner:

Challenger “helps sellers win the moments that matter, every day”, and we’re pleased to partner with them to help organizations surface coaching opportunities, track training, and more.

Our premier consulting services partner:

An industry leader in contact center and customer experience consulting, The Northridge Group partners with Tethr to help companies make better decisions using Voice of the Customer data.

Our premier Qualtrics implementation partner:

A customer experience consulting firm specializing in customer retention and growth strategies, Walker works closely with Tethr as a trusted member of the Qualtrics partner network.

And more:

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