Customer Success Story


The Grass is Greener:
TruGreen partners with Tethr to turn sales team into superstars

  • 10% Improvement in
    call conversion
  • 7% Increase in sales
    retention rates
  • 25% More second-year
  • 11% Increase in representative
    commission dollars


TruGreen, the nation’s largest lawn care company, provides lawn, tree and shrub care to almost 2 million residential and commercial customers across the U.S. TruGreen’s 700 sales agents communicate directly with customers and prospects via phone on topics ranging from new business, service rescheduling, service canceling and other customer issues. Inbound and outbound calls account for the bulk of TruGreen’s customer interaction.

As TruGreen entered its peak season and a new sales management team came on board, the company looked for ways to increase effectiveness of its sales agents and to become a best-in-class call center organization. Knowing that it was sitting on a gold mine of dark, unstructured data in the form of customer phone conversations, TruGreen sought to deploy a scalable, easy-to-use communications intelligence platform that would help it turn that information into actionable insights.

TruGreen turned to Tethr to record, transcribe and analyze phone calls, with the goal of improving their sales agent effectiveness and, ultimately, increasing sales and the value of each customer relationship.


  • Elevate all sales agents to “top performer” status
  • Recruit/select the right sales agents
  • Create less time-consuming, more targeted sales training
  • Accurately measure success of special offers and marketing campaigns
  • Improve sale effectiveness and conversion rate
  • Reduce the cost per sale
  • Create consistency in sales process

Key features and benefits

  • Sales management and agents can identify and analyze calls to determine key elements leading to their success or failure, and train others to replicate top performer behaviors
  • Sales agent candidates review actual calls with hiring manager to fully understand job requirements and determine organizational fit
  • Sales management receive real-time alerts of key phrases and customer/agent behavior, enabling them to provide immediate, targeted training
  • Call analytics and dashboards allow managers to view fine-grained call-specific information, and high-level trends over time
  • User-friendly dashboards and personalized reports are easily integrated into everyday workflow
  • Cloud platform is deployed quickly and can scale to meet the demands of peak seasons

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