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283% increase in behavior: Ask-for-Sale during launch week

318% increase in behavior: Ask-for-Sale after 90 days

218% increase in sales conversions when Ask-for-Sale behavior present

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Sales optimization

Optimizing and enabling sales with Tethr

A Fortune 50 telecommunications company uses Tethr for sales enablement and optimization.

The Challenge:

Increase positive sales behaviors and delivery on KPIs.

In the beginning, this customer utilized Tethr broadly to uncover insights at a high level for their sales organization, specifically relating to one particular new product. Over time, however, as they began to surface valuable insights about that product with Tethr, leadership expanded the program. They wanted to apply Tethr’s insights to a much bigger challenge: managing positive sales behavior across all vendors and ensuring delivery on more relevant KPIs.

The solution: Measuring progress & the “Ask for Sale” revelation

When this customer first began working with Tethr, the moment of truth came when the team implemented Tethr-recommended KPIs like “Ask for Sale”. When these behaviors were tracked, conversion rates on the calls where these behaviors were present increased significantly. While all sales leaders know that asking for the sale is important, this team hadn’t had a way to track if agents were doing this at scale. As such, this team was shocked at what a huge impact measuring this behavior could have on their results.

By simply asking for the sale on an increased number of calls, this customer saw a steep increase in sales conversions on calls. In addition, they were able to track and manage implementation of this behavior in the call center. This prompted leaders to equip additional teams with the Tethr platform, as well as start using Tethr to manage and coach more employees.


Once this customer implemented Tethr’s recommendations for both tracking metrics and began implementing those behaviors in the call center, the results were immediate. After just over 30 days of managing the “Ask for Sale” behavior, instances of this behavior in calls increased by 318%. Additionally, as this behavior was implemented, this customer’s close rate for this product saw a 218% increase in conversions on calls where this behavior appeared.

Based on these significant increases, many additional dashboards and vendors working with this customer have been added to the platform and incorporated Tethr into their processes.

Final ROI

Tethr offered this customer unprecedented insights into the sales and marketing process. For the first time, sales leaders were able to see what sales and marketing behaviors were most effective, including which sales behaviors were driving sales—like asking for the sale. Then, with Tethr, they were able to track and measure those behaviors, resulting in a: 218% increase in sales conversions.

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