Increased outside firm referrals

Insights delivered on all customer interactions

Identified essential quality control variables

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Revenue Growth

Private firm secures big opportunities with Tethr's help

Hoglund, Chwialkowski & Mrozik, PLLC (Hoglund), a Minnesota-based privately held social security disability and bankruptcy firm, offers representation for bankruptcy, social security, mass torts and debt settlement. As the Midwest's largest social security disability firm, they receive upwards of 6,000 calls every day.

The Challenge:

Evaluate all calls to identify referral opportunities.

Referral revenue increase: One area of low-hanging fruit for this practice is firm referrals. When Hoglund refers clients to outside firms, the opportunities for a referral bonus can range from $2K to $100k. Hoglund wanted to ensure they weren't missing out on any of these chances for revenue.

Data mining capabilities: The ability to mine case management data to identify profitable opportunities was a critical need.

Relief of call sorting: Too many calls to sort through, not enough hours in the day. With thousands of calls coming in on a daily basis, they sought software that could pin down crucial aspects, such as the reason for call, and to help them ensure optimization of lead flow.

Quality assurance improvement: Upgrading quality assurance practices was another focus so that they could start arming themselves with the tools they needed to drive quality and outcomes.

"With Tethr, we are able we are able to identify referral opportunities across all of our calls, resulting in a significant increase in referral revenue." – Jason Adams, Call Center Director for Hoglund Law

The Tethr Draw

  • No setup charges. With other speech analytics software, Hoglund Law noticed a hefty price tag on setup fees.
  • Easy setup for fast deployment. The Tethr solution provided out-of-the-box integration with Five9, Hoglund's telephony and recording provider.
  • Insights delivered on all customer interactions--not just those from satisfied or frustrated customers.
  • Detailed context behind entire customer conversations, so Hoglund could easily decipher not only what happened during an interaction, but why it happened.
  • Out-the-box insights and effort measurement.
  • The ability for Hoglund to build their own categories and customize the platform to the unique aspects of their business.


  • Hoglund Law saw a 91% increase in outside firm referrals in the first six weeks of using Tethr.
  • In just one month of using Tethr, Hoglund was able to get the numbers they needed to justify paying for the software for an entire year.
  • In their first month as a customer, Tethr was able to identify a missed case and Hoglund Law was alerted to it quickly enough to save the opportunity.
  • Tethr has helped the firm identify which quality control variables are most essential to focus on in order to optimize the coaching process.
  • The practice effortlessly created custom categories tailored to their unique criteria.

Future Goals

When Hoglund Law evaluates social security disability intakes, there are nearly 70 data points they evaluate to determine whether or not they want to take a case. At the moment, an attorney reviews the case and spends quite some time deciding if they want to accept or reject it. Waiting on the attorney's answer so they can respond to the client is a bottleneck. In the future, Hoglund Law plans to work with Tethr to develop a system to get those answers in near real-time so that a case can be accepted or denied almost instantly.

"We had the feeling there were more opportunities that we weren't catching, but it was hard to say for sure. With a thousand calls per day on a regular basis, sorting through them all would never have happened without Tethr."  – Jason Adams, Call Center Director for Hoglund Law

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