Your core values are your brand

Ashley Sava

March 16, 2020

Businesses tirelessly invest in new strategies, products, processes, and services. If they’re doing it right, they’re also investing in the people who bring their offerings to life as well as the values these individuals support. Without the right kind of people, business strategies simply can’t be executed at the highest level. For these reasons, your core values are a strong indicator of your brand.

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Culture is derived from core values

Culture is a key component for a company’s success. However, culture isn’t just an office vibe. It should be based on strong values that unite the team and speak on concrete ideas that all team members practice and believe in. These values should be so core to the heart of the business that they can make or break a hiring or partnership decision. 

Values impact everyone and everything in workplaces, from performance to recruiting. Robust values ignite a well-developed culture that gives employees a secure and uplifting environment of productivity and trust. When a customer experience looks promising, you can guarantee that core values are behind the curtain bringing the experience to life. 

Showcasing core values build trust

Customers today are more curious than ever about what an organization stands for. In the age of corporate transparency, there is so much information that prospective clients can find out about businesses before deciding to select them for their products or services. Today, a company that simply meets needs isn’t good enough— customers want to spend their money and devote fierce loyalty on organizations whose values align with their own.

A setup for success

Be diligent about making your values easy to spot. Customers should be able to quickly locate your values on your websites or social media profiles. Not only should the values be written, they should sing through all business behaviors. When brands obviously showcase their values by being open and transparent with their employees, they communicate to customers and investors that they have nothing to hide. 

Tethr core values

At Tethr, we envision a world in which every company listens and every customer is heard. Our mission is to transform every company into a listening enterprise. Due to the nature of our product, keeping listening at the core of everything we do is crucial. It makes sense that our values spell out LISTEN.


As we empower companies to listen to their customers, we listen to our teammates, customers and shareholders to drive positive impact.


We believe that real innovation isn’t only about coming up with creative solutions to the known needs of customers, but in taking the time to define and solve their unknown needs as well.


We work to earn the trust of our customers, employees and shareholders in all decisions and actions. We earn that trust when we let all of our values lead.


We believe no individual is more important than the team, and that creating a collaborative learning environment multiplies impact to our customers.


We endeavor to make our solutions easy to use and our company easy to do business with.


We strive to deliver value quickly and adapt to the changing needs of customers.

Your core values serve as a template for the decisions you make and the processes you put into place. A thriving workplace upholds values that propel team morale, and therefore, company success. Read more about what we stand for here. P.S. We're hiring!

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